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WATCH a New Episode of Akah Bants on BN TV



Yaaay, a new episode of ‘Akah Bants’ with Akah Nnani!

He says,

We were on our own oh! And then stuff started happening on twitter. Makida Moka calls me up and is like, “Akah Nnani! What are you doing with your life? Twitter is on fire right now!” I asked what happened? and she said that “There is a guy who is angry with some girls for not sleeping with him!”

The first thing i said was “ehen? he has a right to be angry!!” but then she went further to say “He put their nude online and they are even saying he is violent and has raped a few”. At this point i was like “aaah! Oya lets meet!! We have to do this one on Akah Bants!

I apologise this episode is coming late… I’m so sorry. We were looking for money. Anyway, enjoy the gist of Izien the rape allegations laid against him.

Watch below:

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