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Akudo Abengowe-Adebayo: New Year & High Expectations



Akudo AbenogweHappy New Year beautiful people, it’s wonderful that we are in 2017 together against all odds.

We have only to be grateful to the Almighty for His tender mercies. I am so sorry I haven’t written for a while, it wasn’t deliberate trust me. How was your Christmas holidays? I had an amazing time, I had a little villacation with the kids in my village and it was simply ecstatic. It was a time of homecoming, catching up and simply mingling again with my childhood friends. It was great to see how we all have grown and excelled in our various endeavours. Of course, there was a lot of gossip (don’t forget it’s one of my hobbies) So, yes we did a lot of that and laughed as hard, as we shared our stories through the years. I had fun.

The beauty of taking a break from your regular location is that you get refreshed. For some reason, I find it very difficult to relax in Lagos. There is always something to do or somewhere to go to, but when I am out of Lagos, I relax easily and sleep and forget my troubles. Before now, I would always be in a hurry to go back to Lagos so as to resume work for the year. Now that I am self-employed, I have the luxury of time and went to Enugu from the village. I totally enjoyed my time in that city. I miss all of my old and new friends.

The villacation was also an eye opener for me, this is because sometimes we think we have it so good or so bad, until we hear another person’s story. There were lessons to learn from each of us and of course I acquired a lot of wisdom as well, don’t worry, I will unfold the stories in subsequent columns. You will be awed trust me.

It’s great that I had such an amazing time, because it helped me absorb what happened to us in early January. The devil is indeed a roaring lion looking for whom to devour, he came all out for my family. He came to steal our joy, it was a traumatising time, my faith in God was shaken but God came through for us. We overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and I am confident to say that the enemy has done his worst, and we are victorious. Without going into too much details, I know that we all as individuals started the New Year with different experiences. If you started 2017 with joy, testimonies and blessings, I am happy for you. But if you started 2017 with tears, sorrows and tribulations, I want to tell you that you will overcome. Just put your trust in God and He will come through for you. He did it for me and He will do it for you, only believe.

It’s back to base and time to work, and boy I’ve got great plans for 2017. I know we all have plans but I have to state clearly that we can only achieve our plans if we work assiduously at it, as nothing good comes easy.

Focus, plan, partner with people if you have to, take that step, break those walls of resistance and soar into the future. Failure is not an excuse to lapse, failure is not an option.

I’ll be back in my next column, for now, peace out.

Akudo Abengowe-Adebayo is a multiple award winner, with over 8 years in the media industry. She also hosts (Love Moments With Akudo) and is CEO of SATT Media, a content and media marketing company. She blogs at Akudosworld. She is married with two adorable kids and loves Jesus with all her being. She is a TV addict, loves dancing and traveling, and a lil gossip now and then. Follow her on [email protected] or [email protected]


  1. Tired Of "This Woman's Job" Crap

    February 2, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Sorry to be negative, im guessing the devil is your husband infidelity since you didnt say and it would have been nice for you to elaborate on whatever it was so we can know that superwoman or supermom also is not enough.

  2. Bobosteke

    February 2, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    The festivities was rather traumatic for me as well. I pray for you, that your heart heals fully and the scars don’t peg and pull too often.

    Now in the spirit of focusing, planning and partnering with people who will help you, would it be out of place to request an email where I could reach you, personally?

    And yes, peace out ( sorry; I couldn’t resist. can’t remember when last I read that!).

  3. Bobosteke

    February 2, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    In the alternative, if you don’t want to post your email here, could you contact me directly at [email protected]?

    Thank you.

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