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Dear Young Wife: Chef Daniel and Tomi Odunsi on #SadvsHappy topics



It was a banter affair on today’s episode deciding whether to go for a happy or
sad topic. Chef Daniel loves to discuss the real issues and trust Actress Tomi Odunsi to love the fairy tales and happy endings. Life isn’t all about sad issues,
neither does it always have happy endings, let’s see what
direction they eventually went with.

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  1. Joke

    February 8, 2017 at 11:36 am

    No wonder divorce and separation all over the place. She works just like you, she stresses herself to cook on the weekends, but you don’t want that abi. Then cook what you want yourself now. I tell you, women done suffer. Brand new ke? I can’t stand picky men. Let him have his moment. Really? Then afford for her to be a house wife….

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