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Fatoyinbo Olumide Caleb: Create a Life Plan You Can Be Proud Of



We all know that in the business world, to have a successful business, there must be a fascinating business plan. Also, to be successful, lead a fulfilling life, and a person of influence, there must be a successful life plan. This applies to everyone who wants to be noticed in life.

One of the best things you can spend your time on is writing and living out your life plan. Most people live without having a plan. They fight another man’s fight, and embark on another man’s journey… throughout their life.

By life plan I’m talking about a 40 – 50 page of business plan. A life plan is the general summary of where you are right now, where you would like to be, what you want your future to look like, what you want to improve about your life.

Don’t be scared, creating a life plan is not difficult at all, and doesn’t require a long process. A life plan tends to structure our life from how it is to how it ought to be.

Here are practical tips to help you create a life plan you can be proud of and live your dreams.

Get your priorities right
Prioritising helps us get things right; it helps you do the right things at the right time. It gives your life a price tag. The price tag you put on your life will determine how serious and successful your life would appear.
Prioritising will help you know the way to go, in order to get to where you want to be in life. Your priorities help you get clarity for existence. To create a life plan, you’ve got to make a wise decision to prioritize your life. Know what your priorities are.

I would like you to get a pen and a book, then ask yourself these questions;
• What and how would you like to be remembered when you are no longer here?
• What are your reasons for whatsoever you want in life?
• What is the most important thing in your life?
• What would like to accomplish in the next ten years, or in life?
• Who do you really want to be?
I want you to give answers to those questions in that book in your hand!

In getting your priorities right, the best place to begin with is at the end, which is imagining how your funeral would be, what would people who will attend your funeral say about the life you lived.

I know the most important thing you would like hear the people who would be at your funeral say is that: he changed the lives of thousands of people he came in contact with. Once you’ve considered these questions above and given answers to them, you then write down your priorities. Make a list of them. How would you prioritize your life? Do you have any price tag placed on you?

Get a vision for your life
The size of your dreams is very important, and has a lot do with creating a successful life plan; in fact a successful life plan revolves around vision. Thinking small is a sign of mediocrity.

What do you see about your future? You’ve got to see bigger pictures about your future and live beyond your now.
Vision is the mental picture of your life. If you cannot see the future you want now, you will never live the reality of it. Until you see a crown on your head, you will never live to wear one.
Vision is the picture of what you want to accomplish, or where you see yourself in five years, ten years or twenty years time. Vision is the core philosophy to accomplish what you want in life.
Vision reflects what you are passionate about. Vision helps you create a life plan on how to change your world. I want you to write a far reaching vision statement for your life. Let the picture you’ve captured be the driving force that would help you get to your final destination (The future you want).

Set goals for your life
Just as every business plan has set goals for achievement, so also you have to set goals to achieve what you want in life. It may be daily goals, weekly goals or monthly goals. But you must have what each day has to deliver; it takes a disciplined life to be distinguished.

These goals need to affect every areas of your life – Body, mind and soul. Things you want to achieve must be influenced by goals you’ve set for yourself. By doing that you know what each day has to deliver and work towards it to make it happen. The goals you’ve set will help you fulfill your dreams (vision) with a sense of urgency.
These set goals are steps that will help you stay on track and get you to your final destination which is fulfillment of your vision. These set goals will help you know what to achieve this year – what to achieve this month, what to achieve today. So, break those long-term goals into short-term goals to help you achieve your dreams.

Take action
Now you know what your priorities are, there is a vision for your life already. I know you’ve already set goals that will help you achieve your dreams but the best thing now is take action.
It is one thing to know where you are going and it is another thing to know how to get there. Having known where you want to be, you need to know how to get there. Action is the key. You need to execute your plans. Don’t wait until you are a perfect person before you launch out. Start now, because there is no perfect time. There are things you need to do to execute your plan.

Start building relationships. You need to know that you cannot succeed all alone without the help of others. You need some persons in your life. Look for positive people who will help you achieve your dreams and get connected to them.

Be focused. Focus is so essential and important for you to achieve your goals. Without focus you will get off track. You need have guiding principles to help you prevent distractions and discouragement. These principles will help you stay course till your dreams come true.

Refine and adjust your plan. With the passage of time, things are bound to change. Learn new ways of doing things. There are times you will need to rewrite your life plan. When some goals becomes your priorities in life, write them in your plan and remove those ones that aren’t important to your life anymore.

These tips are simple and they could help you get your life back in order – only if you follow them to the letter and apply them to your life.

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Fatoyinbo Olumde Caleb is a lifestyle and fashion writer. He is also a fashion designer and stylist and the founder of Muse Couture, a unisex fashion brand. He motivates, inspires and empowers youths to live their best life. He also teaches youths how to use their past to shape their future. . Meet him on Facebook ( and Instagram( too.

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