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Be Transformed With The Catalyst: How to Remain Committed to Your Life Goals

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Having goals to make your life the way that you want it is very important. You should think about the different levels of success that you want in the 12 critical areas of your life (health, career/business, finances, spiritual life, intimate relationship, home/family life, personal power, fun/recreation/rest, overall achievement, contentment and satisfaction, friendship/network and self-worth/confidence).

It’s not enough to just set goals, you also have to consider how far you are willing to go to achieve them, draw up your options and weigh them, and come up with strategies you’ll use. One way to do this is to think about all the things you are currently doing that are not serving you, and you need to stop. Think about the things you are currently not doing, and you need to start.

Think about those things you are currently spending so much time and resources on, are yielding very little result, and you need to do less of. Think about the things you are not doing enough of, will yield more success, and you need to do more of.

Then write all these down and commit to taking action. Also allocate a specific time to each of these actions, and be committed to them.

We cannot talk about achieving one’s goals without laying emphasis on the role commitment plays. Commitment is simply being dedicated to your cause, vision, and goal. This, in turn, means your freedom may be restricted to an extent, and your indulgences may be drastically reduced. 

There are 3 major elements of commitment:

  • A statement of intention, which can be thought of, spoken or written down.
  • An explicit indication of a specific time and date to begin taking one’s intended action.
  • Doing the intended, that is, taking action as promised until completion.

From time to time, you need to identify and assess your levels of commitment, so let’s do a quick exercise: on a scale of 0-10, how committed are you to your life vision in these 12 critical areas of your life?

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Career/business success
  • Financial independence and wealth creation desires
  • Spiritual life
  • Intimate relationship
  • Quality of your home/family life
  • Discovery and fulfilment of your purpose
  • Developing your self-worth, esteem, confidence and personal power,
  • To regular fun, recreation and rest
  • Your overall achievement and success in life
  • Your level of contentment, happiness, fulfilment, peace, prosperity and satisfaction.
  • Building and maintaining quality friendships and social networks

Answering this sincerely will help you know the areas of your life you need to pay more attention to. If you plan something, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to stick to it. If you are having difficulties doing this, simply share your goals into priorities – from the most important to the least important. Then work on them one after the other until they are completed. The goal is to take a step, the next step, and the next step until you get to the finish line.

To achieve success in your goals, gun for clarity, commitment and consistency, and watch yourself grow. Focus on what is important to you and show up for yourself every day no matter what. The more you work towards your goal, the more satisfied and fulfilled you will feel when you achieve them.


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