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Awala-Ale Mofe: Choosing your Must-Have Make-Up Products

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Ever so often, I come across an article on must-have make-up products . These articles impart much needed knowledge on make-up products that will be beneficial to most people but are very generalized.

Make-up is personal to the individual using it; different people use it for different reasons.  Furthermore, the writer of the article may include their favorite products in this list. The reader, on the other hand, may not like or have access to it.

The individuality of make-up use therefore makes it necessary for every make-up user to customize their list of must-haves. Hence the need to choose your own must-have make-up products

Must-have make-up products do not need to be plenty, usually 3-5 products suffice. The reason for this number is to ensure easy storage in cases where you need to have your make-up in your purse. Importantly, having only 3-5 must-have products ensures you stay within your budget if you are working with one. This is even better if you shop within your budget (Expensive does not equal better).

There are 3  steps for choosing your must-have make-up products

Step 1: Identify your assets
When choosing make-up products that are your must-haves, identify features or assets you wish to enhance or make more prominent. Identify your favorite feature, decide on how to enhance it and decide on the best product for the job. An example of this is beautiful skin; keep an illuminating BB cream on hand for a subtle glow or a matte BB cream for a flawless, but light finish thereby enhancing the good feature (good skin).

Step 2:
Identify problem areas. After choosing the feature to enhance, choose the feature to be made less obvious or less prominent. The make-up product used becomes a must-have.  It is not uncommon to have a facial feature we wish we could change or wish we could alter. Choose the facial feature that you wish to make less prominent, decide on how you wish to achieve the objective and decide on the product of use. For someone with sparse eyebrows, a must-have product is an eye pencil or brow pomade. For severe discoloration, a must have make-up item would be a full coverage foundation or powder.

Step 3:
After choosing items to enhance assets and disguise problem areas, choose 1 item that you love just because… This item could be a reflection of your personality or individuality in make-up. This increases the individuality of your must-have make-up products list. Choose 1 item that you always carry in your purse because you love it.

By following these 3 steps, it becomes easy to create a customized list of make-up must-haves that will work for you at all times. If you have any tips, be sure to leave them in the comment section.

Photo Credit: Olena Yakobchuk | Dreamstime

Mofe is a writer and self-taught baker with a growing interest in product photography and she just acquired a Masters degree in International Relations. She is a writer, recipe reviewer and amateur food photographer on ThisBaker I am @This_Baker on Instagram.

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