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#BeInspired Mondays with IK: “What if he Lives?”

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“You can’t tell me that, Michael,” his mother said. “How can you say this will be the only child you’ll bear after waiting 12 years to get him? No oh, your father and I won’t take it,” she added, as Michael’s father nodded in agreement to her statement.

“You waited for 12 years, God finally blessed you with a son to call your own without any medical intervention and you are saying that he’ll be the only child you’ll have. Once your wife gets her strength again, you should impregnate her and give us another grandchild. Shikena!” she added.

“But mummy, my wife and I have discussed this and we came to this conclusion. You weren’t supposed to know this. Daddy please talk to your wife,” Michael said sternly.

Michael’s mom had asked him when him and his wife are having a second child as, according to her, after the delay and finally getting pregnant, they should be eager to bring more babies to the world.

“I’m not supposed to know it abi?” his mum replied, turning to his father and saying, “Baba Michael are you listening to what your son is saying? Well, now I know this and we are saying we don’t agree! What if he dies?!”

Michael replied: “Mummy! What if he lives?!”

Michael’s reply forms the basis of our discussion today.

With the level of tragedies and disasters going on in the world today, it is easy for our minds to expect bad things to happen to us or our loved ones at any point in time.

But pessimism achieves nothing; it only helps to keep you stagnant in the name of being cautious. Remain optimistic but flexible, knowing that unexpected and unwanted events can occur at any time. Expect your desired outcome to happen in every goal you set out to achieve. it may not happen all the time, but expect the best still.

This is the spirit we should transfer to our goals; work hard on it that you do not second-guess yourself, and make sure you start work. Even if you are afraid, do it still, and if something bad happens along the way, don’t be discouraged, but keep pushing.

I know it’s easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible; do it anyway. Don’t ask yourself “What if I fail?” ask yourself “What if I succeed?”

You will succeed. Cheers!

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