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Providing a Stress Free Travel Experience! CEO/Founder of Jollof Travels Sylvester Osara talks about his Unique Traveling Platform



We came across, a unique travelling platform, Jollof Travels that has succeeded in putting all the services every traveler needs to have an outstanding travel experience with every trip. Their great customer service and fast delivery amazed us so we decided to reach out to them to enlighten us about what they do and how it can be of benefit to our readers.

Read the full interview below:

  1. Tell us about yourself?

My name is Sylvester Osara, I’m from Edo State, Nigeria. I reside in Atlanta Georgia, United States with my lovely family. I founded Jollof Travels in 2015, a unique one stop travel platform.

  1. Share with us, what inspired the establishment of  Jollof Travels

My love for travelling and adventures led to the birth of Jollof Travels.  I am always excited when I remember that vacation time with my family is around the corner, because of the opportunity it gives us to explore different countries and discover new things during our trips. But I used to get exhausted each time I had to make travel arrangements and this got me worried because it re-occurred every time.

I tried searching for simpler and efficient ways to arrange all aspects of our vacation but couldn’t find any suitable solution. Subsequently, I realized that my family and I weren’t the only ones going through this, other people I know had the same complaints. I also noticed that each country usually has several tourist attractions where visitors can create memorable experiences which can then be documented and shared with others online. I founded Jollof Travels as an answer to these needs.

As a lover of technology, I am fully aware of how innovators have used technology to transform the world by creating unique ideas and ways of doing things, so I decided to make this same technology the basis of my solution, which I intend to use to eradicate travelling stress and bring Africa to the world.

After many deliberations with my team, we finally came up with an online platform, with special features developed to make travelling to Nigeria a relaxing experience, and visiting the United States from African countries extraordinarily easy. With our one stop platform and exceptional customer service, travellers can get almost all processes done from anywhere in the world.

  1. This is great! So why did you decide to call it Jollof?

The name ‘Jollof’ depicts enjoyment in Nigeria, and I chose it to serve as a symbol to communicate our commitment to make each client have the most enjoyable experience before, during and after their journey. When a client remembers Jollof Travels, it brings fun memories to them, while it keeps us on our toes to deliver the best services to our clients always. We render optimum support to ensure all processes ranging from planning, travelling and lodging to exploring different destinations, are made memorable for travellers regardless of their travel purpose. Jollof Travels is here to redefine your travel experience.

  1. Give us a summary of the services Jollof Travels offers

Our services include booking airfares, hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rentals, airport transfers, and safaris. We also provide exceptional concierge services such as acquisition of passports and visas, corporate travel, SIM card technology that enables you to streamline your communications after arrival, and booking domestic flights in your destination. We can help you take care of everything you need before, during and after your trip.

  1. Who are your services for? 

Any traveller who prefers to have a stress free travel experience and easy mobility when traveling the world from Nigeria, or vice versa, needs Jollof Travels.

As a student, business man or woman, tourist etc, Jollof Travels has awesome packages for you.  We book domestic flights within Nigeria and United States as well.

In addition to making your travel experience fun, we also have a media section on our platform where travellers can get updates about different countries across the globe.

  1. What will you say is your main purpose and target market? ’s your purpose of existence?

We are here to take away the stress many people experience when embarking on travel and add fun to each traveller’s experience. At Jollof Travels, we are interested in serving both Africans living in the United States and Americans who are interested in traveling to Africa.  In addition, we want to provide people in the diaspora with enough content about the beauty that resides in African countries and enhance their interest to visit. Using our services, we also want to make travelling to the United States very easy for Nigerians.

  1. How will travellers who need your service get started?

It’s easy, just visit, you can easily navigate the site and request for the services you need, or fill out our contact form. You can also call us on 1-800-517-1491, 678-878-3811, or send an email to [email protected]. Our travel consultants are available online 24/7 to guide you through.

  1. Where are your offices located?

We have offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Georgia, United states. Our Lagos Address is; 1st Floor, FCMB Building, 16 F.T, Kuboye Road, Oniru, Victoria Island. [email protected]  070-39740111,081-18350275

Our Atlanta Address; 770 Old Roswell Place Suite I-200, Roswell, GA, 30076, United States. You will meet us there between the hours of 8am-5pm from Monday to Friday. [email protected] 1-800-517-1491

However, you can get almost all services completed online and might not need to come in, except for special cases.

  1. What makes you stand out amidst other notable travelling agencies?

At Jollof Travels, our main focus is to provide a stress free travel experience for every client. With our exceptional customer service, our clients just need to board their plane, arrive at the airport and be transported to their destination without experiencing unexpected issues. We will give all it takes to ensure our clients’ travel arrangements and hotel bookings are hassle free. In addition, we reward patronage from our clients with discounts.

  1. You talked about a media platform earlier; can you enlighten us more on this?

On the platform, we have a media section which includes an active blog, forum and crowd-cast, these serve the purpose of proper information dissemination. Travellers can get detailed and interesting content on various topics such as processing travel documents and living in/visiting different countries. Our content is provided by well-traveled individuals and travel consultants.  On our scheduled crowd-cast, travel consultants will be invited to give factual insights on different travel related subjects and travellers will be given the opportunity to ask questions and get immediate responses.

We also have travel tools and fun-filled content to spice up your journey.

  1. Where do you see Jollof Travels in 5 years?

I see it functioning as the leading travel platform that people go to whenever they plan to travel.  Specifically, Africans in the diaspora coming home, Americans who want to explore Africa, and Nigerians travelling for various purposes. We are also very active in new technology innovations in the travel industry. In 5 years we want to have several unique technology products created by Jollof Travels that would be used by the everyday traveler and also other players in the travel industry.

Dear readers, this is all you need to know about Jollof Travels, so when next you think about travelling from Nigeria to see the world, think of Jollof Travels for a stress free, fun-filled travel experience.

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  1. Paula Ajabor

    November 30, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Great job, Jollof travels . Wishing you guys all the best in the travel industry.

  2. gbaskelebo

    November 30, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Great! Amelia was expecting to see you hope your skye bank customer service skills are still in use?

  3. Osato

    November 30, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Jollof travels is here to stay. Exceptional customer service

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