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Adenike Jemiyo: Making the Most of the Hand You’re dealt in 2018



I hope your year has already kicked off on a great note. Well, even if it hasn’t, you still have a lot of time to create a successful year.

I have an interesting analogy to share with you from the parable of the talents.

In the parable of the talents, a certain rich man was to embark on a journey. Just before setting out, he calls his three servants and gives each of them some assets to look after while he is away. The interesting thing though is that he didn’t give each servant the same measure. One he gave one, another two and another five. Now, his rationale for sharing the assets this way wasn’t quite clear other than his perception of the ability of each servant. However, notwithstanding what was given to each servant, each one was fully expected to turn it around and make it profitable.

I find this so instructive for 2018.

It’s really like playing a game of cards. It’s never about the cards you’re dealt. It’s always about how you play the hand.

“It’s not the cards you’re dealt, it’s how you play the hand.” – Paul Rausch

You should google that guy, Paul Rausch. Phenomenal human.

But, I digress. Many of us already started this year from a seemingly disadvantaged position. And what makes it worse is that when we look around us (please don’t mention social media), everyone else seems to be better off. We just seem like the servant who got one talent, when we know for sure that someone else got five!

Hol’up! I’ve got good news for you.

What you start with doesn’t matter as much as what you do with it. You can read that as many times as you need to, to make it sink. Thank you!

Simple, yet profound.

So, you thought you’d be married by now, but you’ve entered 2018 single – again! What do you do with that? You lost your job in 2017. What do you do with that? You used to be so busy in your business, but now you literally have all the time in the world on your hands. What do you do with that? You lost some key connections last year. What do you do with that? Things didn’t exactly work out as planned last year! There was some pain, some dashed hopes, or maybe even more success than you were prepared to handle. I hear you! But, what do you then do with how things have in fact worked out.

A new year is time to recalibrate. Time to pause and think. Time to slow down and be more deliberate. Time to dream again.

Sure, you can do all this any time during the year. But, a new year creates new hope and fresh expectations. And expectations are everything. What do you expect to make of 2018? Pause and think about that and let it propel you forward. Take advantage of the new year ginger and let yourself dream again, do better and be more.

Here’s an action challenge for you:

  1. Make a list of everything you came into 2018 with. No matter how intangible or insignificant it seems. Your answers could range anywhere from life, good health, free time, unique skills, determination, supportive family, friends. Make sure to put a positive spin on everything. Notice I put free time rather than well…’no job’. This is the hand you’re dealt. Whether any of your realities was orchestrated by you or not doesn’t even matter. This is the hand you have to play right now.
  2. Make a list of everything you’d like to end 2018 with. Well, you guessed right, these right here are goals! Of course you have to set goals for the year. How else are you going to be more deliberate about where and how you spend your time and energy? But I must warn you, for this to work, you have to follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple and Short. One or two major goals for each major area of your life – your work, your health, your family or relationships and that should be it.
  3. Now answer the question: What can I do with what I have to push me further towards what I want? This is how you play the hand. And you must think leverage, leverage, leverage. The point is to task your mind to see the good in what you already have, and to see how you can leverage that to get what you want.
  4. Who can help? Very important. Don’t plan to go alone, there’s really no point. You will end up doubling the time and effort required to achieve your goals. So, don’t isolate yourself this year. Seek help. Join communities of like-minded people. Take that to heart carefully, this is not necessarily a community of people who may have suffered the same fate as you, but definitely a community of people who have the same goals – restoration, growth, healing, established career, happy family, better earning power, professional development, and the list goes on.

What are you waiting for? It’s game time, baby. Let’s play to win in 2018.

Take charge of your life. Yes, you can.

Adenike Jemiyo is a Project Manager and Life Hacker amongst other things. She is passionate about translating knowledge to practice for a life of success and happiness. Her mission is to inspire and empower individuals to take charge of their lives. Get a free download of her Goal Smashing Guide at and connect with her on Instagram and Twitter: @adenikejemiyo


  1. Dee

    January 18, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Even when in a dark tunnel there is always a way out… We must always have hope, a positive mindset, courage and the will to fight. Nice article.

    • Adenike

      March 14, 2018 at 3:14 pm

      You bet! Thanks for reading Dee!

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