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Damilola Ogunrinde: Facts You Must Know About Vaginal Odour

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A while ago, I heard about the power of pineapple juice and how the natural odour of a woman’s vagina can change as a result of the tropical fruit. I did not believe it, a common pineapple! However, I was told that it is a truth that has been tested and found faithful. Have you tried this practice? Did it work and if it didn’t what did you do instead?

Vaginal odour is something that we hardly ever speak about, is there a reason for that? There are so many feminine products out there that promise to improve your scent. However, can we adjust the smell of a vagina? Is there a scent that is preferable especially when it comes to bedroom relations? Several women feel self-conscious because of their vaginal odour, it makes them insecure. However, what are the reversible reasons for an unappealing vaginal scent, let’s talk about it.

Sexually transmitted infections are somewhat common, we discussed the subject a few valentines ago. If you missed it, ensure you read it here. Several kinds of vaginal infections come along with smell or discharge which may be fishy, rotten, metallic, or yeasty. If you have these kinds of odours related to the discharge, ensure you see your doctor. These scents are familiar with bacterial, or fungal infections. There is no shame, and you may potentially have an easily curable infection.
Vaginal Scent Plan: see your GP or Gynaecologist to get an all-clear from STI’s/STD’s

When last did you think about what you were eating and why you were eating it? Foods like yoghurt have an excellent reputation for being vagina friendly; sweets, onion, caffeine and artificial sweeteners have a lousy reputation in that there are more likely to alter your vaginal odour.
Water is something we are so quick to forget. Try to swap a sugary drink for water. If you don’t like the taste of water, add a slice of lemon to your water bottle or a piece of pineapple (wink wink). High levels of sugar can predispose you to infections and at the end of the day that is what we are trying to avoid.
Vaginal Scent Plan: less sugar, more water, feel free to try pineapples

Tight clothes and occasional showers will all contribute to your scent. Sweat gets trapped in pubic hair, and this builds up and creates an unpalatable scent. Feel free to try to trim your pubic hair this may help reduce the smell. Wiping front to back when you go to the toilet is non-negotiable because this will reduce the transfer of germs from the anus to your vagina. Do not forget this commandment; never put soap up your vagina; this will cause more issues, wash with clean water only. PS: clean your belly button also, it can harbour dirt that eventually contributes to odour.

Vaginal Scent Plan: keep things fresh and have a shower

Sweat gets stuck in hair and certain kinds of fabrics. If you are not wearing breathable underwear like 100% cotton and you have a recurrent problem with yeast infections; you may want to consider this. Try washing your underwear thoroughly with non-scented detergent, especially if you have sensitive skin. No one can do this for you; clean, breathable underwear is the way to go.
Vaginal Scent Plan: your vagina will thank you for clean cotton underwear

Your Period
Let us face it; periods can contribute to your vaginal and body scent.
Although this falls in the hygiene category, periods have a mind of their own. Endeavour to change your pads and tampons regularly. Do not forget your tampon in there. Change your pad frequently during the day. Ensure you are wearing clean underwear during your period and shower twice a day if possible. Don’t forget to use the right absorbency for your flow. PS: If you think your flow is too heavy or causing flooding. Make sure you see a doctor.
Vaginal Scent Plan: Change your sanitary items frequently each day

There we have it a few tips on how to avoid foul-smelling vaginal odours. Did I miss anything? Share your thoughts below. Do not forget other things like using a condom during sex, with a new or long-term partner. Remember what I say, you may trust your partner, but does your partner trust their partner.

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