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Joe Hanson: Set Yourself Apart as a Master of Ceremonies! Get a Mentor



Rome wasn’t built in a day; this also applies to being a good Master of Ceremonies/Compere! Trust me, there is nothing new under the sun. The only difference is how it is being delivered or done.

Get to learn under a mentor and watch him/her perform at various events. This can give you the idea of how to shoot yourself into becoming an MC.

We all know that most of the successful names in the business had to understudy someone or people in order to begin their careers. So, who are your mentors? Well, just in case you do not have one and you really want to begin, below are a few things you can start doing!

When you attend the next wedding reception or corporate event observe what the host/compere is doing. This can help you build a bank of how, what and why you should do certain things. By observation you get to pick different styles or ways another compere handles an occasion. However, a style of delivery might change but the subject will always remain the same.

For example, MC-A may decide to sing a jolly good song before introducing a respected staff of the organization while MC-B may decide to ask all to stand and give a round of applause while introducing the staff until he/she climbs the stage. The fact is this: the staff must be honoured and celebrated [subject] but each MC chooses how exactly he wants to do it [style].

Be Careful
Yes, it’s good to have mentors, but be careful whom you choose to be your mentor on your step to becoming a professional master of ceremonies. Most comperes probably stumbled on success. By this I mean they just want to be a compere because of the money, and thus break all the rules! Others aren’t seasoned, but decided to go ahead anyway – after all they are earning a living from doing what they do.
This is very important because whoever you choose as a mentor will affect the way you grow to either becoming a better, good or just that MC.

This will be one of the greatest things that makes you stand out. The ability to adapt or reform (modify) your delivery. Most compere’s simply mix what 2-4 mentors do and then switch up the style of delivery a bit.

When you do this by changing the process a little bit [mindful not to go overboard especially at corporate functions] then you can keep your audience and job going nicely.

Be mindful not to use another compere’s creative delivery/style and then call it yours! There seems to be an intellectual property ignorance that is widely purported as normal. Remember to always give credit from the source. For instance, I look forward to sharing with you one of my creatively engaging idea at weddings called Joe Hanson’s playlist. I am sure this will enlighten every wedding you host leaving all in attendance excited.

Yes, I know most of us find it tough to read. Even reading this piece weekly is a big cause for worry! What really makes you articulate, exposed and fluent in your delivery cannot be attributed solely to observation. Rather this is found in your ability to broaden your vocabulary, astuteness, knowledge of things and learning from the pros! To get this –you must read.

Read about your desired profession – Being a Master of ceremonies. Read about any company that has paid for your services. Read about the latest goings-on around you. This will routinely keep you inundated on a lot of information. With your smart phone and internet, you possess power and knowledge, use it.

Trust me you, you do not want to become a dull and unintelligent compere.

Ask questions
Be quick to ask a mentor questions. By doing this, you will come to learn the why, how, where and when principles! Especially as he chooses to do what he does. This will inform your decision making when you have a microphone in your hand!

What if you are prepared for an event and all of a sudden, everything starts to go wrong? We’ll discuss this next time.

Joe Hanson is a Broadcaster | Master of Ceremonies | Content Producer Voice Over Actor and Media Consultant with 15 years of experience. Twitter & Instagram | @Iamjoehanson [email protected]


  1. KINKY

    April 27, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Way to go. Always on point. Bro

  2. Ab Akynz

    May 11, 2018 at 4:22 am

    Very educative sir. Thanks for your words of knowledge. So much experience broken down in less ambiguous terms

  3. Benjamin

    November 1, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Can you be my mentor?

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