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Together Forever ❤️! Episode 7, Season 2 of Stephanie Linus’ Reality Show “Make Me Fabulous” is Here

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Season 2 of Stephanie Linus‘s Reality TV project, Make Me Fabulous premiered recently.

Click here if you missed the trailer on BN TV.

The show is focused on real married couples that are in the midst of drifting apart and Stephanie Linus and her team plan a series of daylong events to help rekindle their love.

With transformations, guidance and a once in a lifetime lavish and luxurious retreat, couples are set on a journey that will ignite new meaning into relationships.

The seventh episode is the story of Precious and Akachukwu.

According to Stephanie:

Precious and Akachukwu wanted the perfect getaway to put in some spice into their marriage and not only did they get that, but they had lots of fun too! Their experience was full of smiles, laughter and pleasant surprises.

See the photo story below.

They were so excited when the Make Me Fabulous crew got to their home to pick them up

Riding in Style

As usual, they had a lovely suite waiting for them at the luxurious PWC Hotel. They loved it there!

A quick bite at the rooftop just before they whisked Precious off for some shopping!

Dress shopping with celebrity stylist Rhoda Ebun at the Mango Store. It was so much fun!

The next stop for this lovely couple was the Barazahi Spa for a relaxing time together.

They both had a relaxing couple’s massage

Precious got her hands and feed pampered with a manicure and pedicure.

Akachukwu got himself a nice haircut.

It was so refreshing for both of them!

Next, they began her fabulous transformation. First, Ferdinand of @ferdinandshair worked his magic on her hair.

And then, Kunbi of @sitprettymaverick gave her a lovely makeover.

The result was stunning!

Precious is all set for her dinner date.

Akachukwu couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how beautiful his wife looked that night!

Dinner was an intimate affair. I’m glad we were able to create such a lovely memory for these two ?

They met with Stephanie Linus and had a very interesting discussion about their marital journey and time on the show.

The following day was their Vow Renewal Ceremony and they started the day with a tasty breakfast. Before they had breakfast, Precious and Akachukwu shared a word of prayer.

The lovely set up for their Vow Renewal Ceremony by @theitsybitsycompany

Precious is all set for her Vow Renewal Ceremony in that lovely dress by Toju Foyeh using fabric from Vlisco

It was so heartwarming to witness them renewing their vows to each other

They celebrated the event with a cake and some wine

Visit to watch the video for Episode 7.