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Ibukun Ajayi: 3 Things You Should Commit to In 2019

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I’ve learnt a lot this year and going into 2019 I want to share some of these things with everyone. I hope they will help shape the new year for most of us and bring a sense of fulfilment to our lives.

So many are unhappy, unfulfilled and unsettled. This is because they haven’t found their purpose. They’re all doing things to keep body and soul together – a means to an end. Everyone is trying to survive, to put food on their tables, but not a lot are actually trying to thrive.

Finding your purpose and going after it is one of the most fulfilling things ever. There’s nothing like the rush of waking up in the morning to work hard at something you love. Now, I’m not saying quit your day job… my point here is: most of us don’t even know what our purpose is; we’re just waltzing through life, doing whatever it is we find to do, and going home miserable everyday.

In 2019, I charge you to find your purpose. Search your heart, look within. What is it you love to do that brings you joy? What is it that you won’t mind working on even when the rest of the world is asleep? Most times your purpose is along those lines.
God created each of us to achieve a certain purpose and if you aren’t achieving that purpose, you have left a gap in God’s plan. We are all channels that God uses to help and bless others, but most times, we can only be that channel when we are working in line with our purpose. If you find yourself lost as to what your purpose is, ask your creator. He has all the answers you need.

Once you find your purpose, the next step is to follow it. Work torwards achieving it. Set goals, make plans, take one step at a time. It took Jesus about 30 years to achieve his, so don’t be in hurry lol…

Another reason why many are unhappy is because they spend their lives trying to please others. They say you’re getting dark and Google becomes your partner in crime in trying to find creams to lighten your skin. They say you’re too fat and you start a juice diet. You’re starving yourself, all in the name of losing weight. Your boyfriend leaves you for someone taller, and 6 inch heels become your best friend. Your girlfriend leaves you for a buff guy and you want to die at the gym.

We do all these crazy things to please people around us because deep down we’re not satisfied with who we are. It’s easy to fall prey when insecurities lie at the root of your being. We try to change who we are, pretend to be who we’re not, close our eyes to the things and the people we love, simply because we’re trying to the dictates of society.

No one has the power to make you into what you’re not, unless you give it to them. The bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Yes, you! No one is perfect, but we are perfect in our imperfections.
Love yourself! I repeat, love yourself! No one can love you more than you. Stop looking for validation in the eyes of others. There’s only one of you out there; you’re bespoke and unique.

Whatever it is you decide to do, be it a job, going into a relationship or changing something about yourself. Make sure you are doing it for you and no one else! Choose you, please you and love you!

Get Rid of Fear
A lot of people are ruled by the fear of the unknown. We hide and shy away from things we really want because of fear. We let fear push us to the back of the line. We let fear rob us of things that should be ours. We allow fear deprive us of joy and happiness. We miss out on so much… because of fear.

I personally may seem like a bold person, but I’ve let fear hold me back in some regard. The biggest fear of all, is fear of “failure”. Many are so afraid to fail, that they’d rather not try. A lot of opportunities and relationships have been lost to fear!

Aren’t you tired of losing to fear? Wouldn’t you rather damn the consequences and try? In 2019, try to put yourself out there. Take more risks and be open to new things! There’s no guarantee that when you close your eyes to sleep you will open them later, but we all sleep. So why don’t you take a plunge? Take a leap of faith. If it works, it works. And if it doesn’t, it just doesn’t. But let the record show that you did something! Let it be known that you shunned fear and took a bold step.

I hope, after reading this, you will make a decision to apply these things to your life in the new year. Find and follow your purpose. Love yourself and fear not!

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Ibukunoluwa Imabong-abasi Ajayi is a Content Developer, Writer, Model, and Motivational speaker. She studied Business Administration at the University of Lagos but has always loved writing. A lover of movies, music, and great conversations. Follow her on Instagram @theimabong and She can be reached for talks and commentary at [email protected]"


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