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Azibanigha Akpila: Sexual Health Safety Should Be Priority on Your Valentine’s Day Agenda



There are a few things you need to consider before you partake in a lover’s spree this Valentine’s, as it is very common for folks to get ‘reckless’ and ‘adventurous’ during this period. Whatever you plan to do, you want to make sure your health is not in any form of danger.

You’ll probably be ‘indulging’ this Valentine’s, and these few tips will be very useful as you get on with your sexual life.

First of all, what is your your HIV status?
Oops, my bad! Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to the World Health Organization, the estimated number of Nigerians living with HIV is between 2.4 million and 5.4 million. It is very important you know your HIV status, especially if you or your partner has multiple sexual partners.

Let’s face it, even your boo might have a boo, so you can’t be too sure. Apart from HIV, there are other diseases you can contract during unprotected intimacy, such as herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, hepatitis A, B and C, and the list goes on. The next thing to consider is:

What kind of intimacy are you partaking in and how protected will you be?
Condoms, aside from being a relatively reliable (98%) form of contraception, are also very useful in protecting against sexually transmitted diseases. One question to ask yourself is what kind of intimacy are you engaging in? Will there be penetrative sex? Will oral sex be involved? Is there any form of protection planned?

Though there is no risk of getting pregnant through oral sex, sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted through oral sex. The risk is higher if there are cuts, sores or ulcers in your mouth or genitals.

As you will imagine, the risk is also higher if you are giving oral sex, as you will be exposed to fluids from the genitals. To reduce the risk of infection, when performing oral sex on a guy, use a condom, and for the guys a dental dam (a barrier to skin) is advised when performing oral sex on women.

For penetrative sex, I cannot over emphasize the importance of a condom.

Stay safe!


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Dr. Azibanigha Scott Akpila a.k.a Dr. Azi Scott is a medical doctor who is passionate about solving our unique health problems using technology. She got her medical degree from the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons In Dublin Ireland. She worked as a clinical content researcher and later on as a clinical analyst in one of the largest tech companies in Dublin Ireland before recently moving to Nigeria where she currently works as a physician in one of the Country's leading teaching hospitals.


  1. Alisebh Scott

    February 14, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    This is so educative. It’s nice to be informed about things we pay less attention to. I look forward to more articles from you Dr Azibanigha Akpila.

    • didi

      February 14, 2019 at 6:31 pm

      Let me add to tjat SEXUAL PURITY should top your priority list as you celebrate valentine, women dont allow your body to he passed around, have value for your self.

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