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#PVCitizen: Go Out To Vote Your Candidate Tomorrow



#PVCitizen: Go Out To Vote Your Candidate Tomorrow | BellaNaijaTomorrow, February 16, 2019, is the date for the Nigerian Presidential and National Assembly elections. Tomorrow, millions of us will be choosing those who will lead for the next four years. We need you to be one of the millions.

The more people go out to vote tomorrow, the more those elected will represent our true ideals and beliefs. And because, surely, our ideals and beliefs are of progress and unity, the more people who go out to vote tomorrow, the better the chances of progressive people getting elected.

While it’s important to go out to vote tomorrow, it’s also important that you do so safely. Join the queue. Be orderly. Avoid confrontation but stand your ground against abuse. Stay in your polling center until your vote is counted. Refuse to be disenfranchised.

Nigerians across the country and outside will be recording and reading their experiences on social media. Join the conversation. Take photos. If you find anything questionable, bring it to social media and make sure it is seen by many. The hashtags are #NigeriaDecides and #NigeriaDecides2019.

Also, please, vote with your conscience. Vote for a better tomorrow, for a better life for Nigerians. It’s not too late to read about your representatives.

You’ll find all presidential candidates here. House of Representatives candidates here. Senatorial candidates here. Learn their names. Read all about them. Find out what plans they have for you.

Again, it is important that you stay safe. If you do not have your life, then you cannot vote.

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  1. emeka

    February 15, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    we shall vote

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