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#PVCitizen: You Have About 24 Hours to Pick Up Your PVC



#PVCitizen: You Have Less Than 48 Hours to Pick Up Your PVC | BellaNaijaGuys! We have less than 48 hours to go to our wards to pick up our Permanent Voters Cards (PVC). About 24 hours.

And this thing is simple: no PVC, no voting. That means no PVC, no having a say in how Nigeria is run for the next 4 years.

We’ve already said before that the next 4 years will determine so much when it comes to this country and our future.

Some people have reported that their PVCs aren’t ready yet in their wards. What you have to do not is complain to INEC. Go and complain oo.

On their social media pages, in their officers, don’t let them rest. Let them know the importance of your PVC to you.

If you’re in Lagos you can reach INEC on 09056369789 and 08145419483, keep calling until they solve your problem.

Next week Saturday, the Presidential and National Assembly elections will arrive. Go pick up your PVC now, so you can vote. Please.


  1. Aare

    February 7, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    Pick it up as ID. Still do not see any difference between voting and not voting. The outcome is few connected people are in line to line their pockets for the labour of bribery and the political shenanigans they have sown. I hope I am wrong but the country should have a new option Hell no and referendums, if Hell no has more than 30%, a new group vies for the presidency. The youths of tomorrow can use referendum to push changes.

  2. Dora

    February 7, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    There are actually other options for the first time in history. Sowore and Mogalu are younger people with fresh ideas and clean hands. We have no excuse this time. We need to go out and VOTE. I am certainly voting Sowore. The intl community are also watching. It is harder to rig elections in this day and age!

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