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Balance for Better #IWD2019! Today We Celebrate the Wonder Women Who Make Our Lives

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It’s always a good day, but today is even better because it’s the International Women’s Day.

Today, all of us are celebrating women who have impacted our lives, women without whom we wouldn’t be where or who we are.

We’re strong believers of equal opportunities for all over here, and it is because of these women we have the convictions we have today.

So here we are, celebrating the wonder women in our lives.

If you want to celebrate with us, send a short story about your wonder woman to features(at)bellanaija(dot)com. Happy International Women’s Day.


The Wonder Woman in my life has got to be my mother. She’s so very easily the first person who pops into my head because as I have grown up, I have had the opportunity to see so many sides of her that I appreciate deeply.

She has gone from being just my mother to being literally my best person in the world. She’s the one who’d easily join me in verbally and loudly fighting a chauvinistic man at a bukka joint (this actually happened), to being the woman I’ll cry to on the phone for over an hour about some of life’s unexpected tragedies (this actually happened too).

I think, in everything, my mum has been my Wonder Woman because I have actually seen her, the real vulnerable her, and she’s such a rockstar who has taught me to be a rockstar. How does she make my world better simply by being in it? Simple. She is the one to always first comment on a picture when I post it – either to point out a flaw I didn’t notice or to burst my head with praises. Either way, she’s always in my corner. How can I not appreciate that?

P.S: I know, I’m corny.


My mum is my Wonder Woman. Her name is Mrs Rose Isiwele Umane ( I was named after her).She loves me unconditionally. She supports me without question and she is always ready to fight my battle whether I am right or not.But most importantly, she is always there for me and she inspires me to be a better person.
– Rose.

So my wonder woman is my mum. Mehn, that woman rocks. Like literally she is STRONG.

I have four siblings, and growing up we were given just what we needed, nothing fancy.

She is a business woman, a fashion designer by training, but after a while she stopped and started selling yam and garri in the market.

Every day I watched my mum leave the house by 5 AM to go buy yam/garri in the village, then she’d transport the items to the city to sell. She would wear this osusu around her waist and in it she would have as much as 200,000 to buy things in the village. I remember one fateful day when she was traveling by 5 AM and she entered the taxi with an armed robber (you should hear her tell this story). At gun point she struggled with the driver and ended up jumping out through the window. She still went to the village market after the incident and bought her yam and garri.

When I was in SSS3 I had ‘mild asthma’ and I would have died if not for my mum’s routine of coming to check up on us at night. She still does this whenever I am home, even in this my old age. Back then, I would pretend I was fine when I had an attack because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but this particular day my mum rushed me to the hospital at about 2 AM when she came into my room and discovered I couldn’t breathe.

My mum’s national anthem is, Even if na to sell all my wrapper, my children must go school, and we all did!

There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for me. NOTHING. I mean I can’t be on the phone with her and sniff or even cough, that woman will show up in Lagos the next day.


One person that inspires me a lot is MYSELF! I’ve failed, fallen and picked myself up so many times and when I think back, my journey so far inspires me to do more and be more. So happy IWD to myself! You hardworking babe, drink up! ?


My sister, Adeola. She walked so I could fly.


The woman who inspires me above all else is my mother, Olutoyin Olalere. She has been a motivation to me since my childhood, teaching me life principles I still follow today. She is a strong woman who has faced many unfair odds and somehow always conquered. Her support and dedication to my advancement in and through life can not be over emphasized and she is the reason why I am here today. I am thankful for my mum and I celebrate her as well as every other woman. Happy International Women’s Day.

– Yinka

At different stages of my life, there have been strong women who have contributed to making me who I am today.

First of all, I have two mothers and I’m the last child of both of them (don’t ask me how this happened, just enjoy the story). So I enjoy the benefits of having two mothers and being the last child of both of them. So cool! Ngozi and Margaret have always taken care of me.

My eldest sister, Edith would work so hard, and without being asked, to buy my baby food while I was an infant. She got me my first phone, a Nokia 3310 in 2006.

My cousin, Nkiru, took it upon herself to take care of all my school needs throughout my primary education.

My sister, Esther, made herself my surrogate mother and did everything a mother would do to her child for me.

My sister, Oby, made it her duty to make me look good and have small “change” in my pocket during my teenage years as well as my days in the university. These days she hardly gives me money sha, but she randomly buys me clothes. She knows all my sizes from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.

Ekene, my immediate older sister, is that sibling I always fight with. But I know she’s my number one cheerleader and she loves me.

My niece Chidinma (who is two years older than me) has been a good support system. We grew up together, but she moved to a different city at some point. Eventually, we ended up attending university together. She swears on everything she holds dear she’s my girlfriend. She got me my first smartphone, a BlackBerry Curve 2. She got it from her friend and paid the ₦5,000 price in installments.

Today, I celebrate the aforementioned women, and many others who have made my life beautiful.

– IK.

My wonder woman has to be my mum. Iyaafin, as I call her. She has been my all-time rock and supporter. Her strength amazes me every day. The number of sacrifices she made while my siblings and I grew are mind blowing.
There was this day that will forever be etched into my memory. It was my first year in University, just a few days in, I took ill and was admitted. I couldn’t get through to her until about 5 PM. About an hour later, my mum arrived at the hospital with a big bowl of bitterleaf soup and peppered snail. Opened it right in the middle of the hospital room. Honestly, it was so funny. The other people in the room actually requested for some of it. This is just a bit of the length my mum would go just to see me happy.
She did everything possible in her own way. I love and appreciate you every day, mum!


My wonder women are my mum, Aunty Etta, and Mummy Elizabeth.

These women have positively influenced me. My mum taught me to cook up delicious dishes, Aunty Etta taught me to be strong and independent, and Mummy Elizabeth taught me to love deeply and sincerely. These women are the symbol of power, truth, and justice in my life. They made me a better person and that all my dreams are possible. They are my she-roes!

– Sophia.

My Wonder Women are Mary and my Mum

Mary is my spiritual mother; she gave birth to my savior. She is my wonder woman because she has always been there for me and she is my point of contact to Jesus whenever I feel like I need her to help me talk to him.

My second Wonder Woman is my mother, but birth her name is Mrs Uche. She is a strong, prayerful, loving, overreacting Igbo mother who is 80% right and 20% wrong all the time but she believes she is never wrong ?. I love her because she has always been there for me and she is a God fearing woman.

Uche U.

If you guys would like to share who your wonder women are, and how they have impacted your life, send a their name and photo to us at features(at)bellanaija(dot)com with the subject My Wonder Woman.  We’ll share your wonder women all day today as we celebrate the women who make us better.