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Olawunmi Adegoke: 4 Internal Efforts That Will Help You Execute Your Goals

As you gather the external forces and resources to executing your goals, also ensure that you’ve got the right internal efforts to getting things done



It’s the beginning of the month of April, and interestingly the beginning of the second quarter of the year 2019. At the start of every new year, one very common practice people engage in is setting yearly goals. This is good practice in itself, but much more important is executing those goals.

A lot of times, when people hear the word execution, they are quick to think in terms of an external forces needed to get something done. While it is very important to have all the external forces—resources required to executing any goal—in place, many times, people seldom pay attention to the internal effort required from their end.

What are these Internal Efforts?
In simple words, these internal efforts are the non-tangible things required of an individual to execute a goal.

Let’s discuss four of them:

The Right Mindset
In executing any goal, one important thing you need to have in full alignment is your mind. It is often said that everything begins and ends in the mind, and executing any goal is not an exception to this rule. This is so because even when Plan A isn’t working out as you planned, if you have the right mindset, you will be able to easily switch to Plan B to enable you to execute that goal.

The Required Potential
The dictionary meaning of potential is: something that can develop or become real. In simpler terms, potential is the ability you have within you to generate a force and actualize a thing. Potential can be likened to skill set. From study, an average individual is born with at least one skill. Many times, the reason why most people fail to execute their goals is that they consider themselves not skilled enough. Usually, the issue isn’t that they don’t have the required skill, but rather that they haven’t developed that skill enough to enable them to execute that goal.

In reality, there is a distinction between raw skill and developed skill. What often hinders people from executing their goals is that they are trying to use their raw skills to crush goals requiring developed skills. You just might say, all that is required is the skill set, but have you developed the required potential to execute that goal?

When most people are asked, Can you move a mountain? Can you actually live your dreams? They are always quick to answer, Yes. But if you dig deep into their heart, they usually don’t have that self-belief to execute their goals. Most times, people live on other’s faith, opinions and beliefs, and this is often reflected in how they respond to things and event. But when they are left alone, their unbelief is so reflective by the manner in which they conduct their lives.

Truthfully speaking, people won’t always believe in you and in your dreams; and even if you’ve got cheerleaders as you journey through life, ultimately, you will still need to believe in yourself to execute any goal.

The Right Attitude to Life
It is often said that your attitude determines your altitude in life. This saying doesn’t only mean how you relate to people, but also how you relate to things and events around you. Most people have the wrong outlook on life, they are always pessimistic about life. Many times, what forms their attitude to life is usually terrible past events and occurrences that they hold on to, and this shouldn’t be so.

If you truly want to execute your goals, then you need to let go of the wrong mindset, of the past, and channel a positive attitude to facing the goal at hand.

The year is still very young and those goals you laid out for the year to execute is still very achievable. As you gather the external forces and resources to executing your goals, also ensure that you’ve got the right internal efforts to getting things done.

Cheers to a productive second quarter of the year!

I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce. A Software Project Manager, Inspirational Writer/ Blogger and a Transformational Coach. I run an online Reading Course, the ‘’30 Days Reading Challenge Online Course ’’ where I help people develop a consistent reading habit. I also I run an Entrepreneurial endeavor, Yourbookshopper(an online Book resource company) . I believe that the best way to live is to “Love God and Serve Humanity”. My social media profiles Blog: My IG: joyceolawumi_blog My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi My Online Bookstore:

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