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Olawunmi Adegoke: Develop a Lifestyle of Consistency Using these Tips

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Recently, I read an article that gave an expository into the life of Chinese business mogul, billionaire, and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. What I learned encouraged me to read more about him, his failures and how he built a successful business. His story shows one of sheer hard work, persistence and consistency.

Building a lifestyle of consistency sure takes a lot. It is about showing up every day, regardless of how you feel. Developing a lifestyle of consistency first has to do with believing that things can be done, and will be done by you. This means that consistency must first be built in your subconscious before it becomes an action you carry out. Building a lifestyle of consistency can be likened to training your mindset over time. This means that you keep up the pace at doing things even when others seem to back out or when things gets tougher.

A lot of times, people start a journey but they are unable to keep up after a while because their subconscious hasn’t registered it yet as a ‘do or do’ affair.

No doubt, we cannot be motivated at all times; we’ll surely get discouraged at some point. But great achievers do not get things done based on how they feel.

How then can you build a life of consistency?

Stick to your plans even when no one is watching you

A good practice will be to start holding yourself accountable for what you say you will do. If you intend to write a page of a new book daily, do so even if no one asks you. When your alarm rings for 5:30 AM, don’t snooze it. Dealing with procrastination and doing tasks when you set your mind to do them is a great way to develop a lifestyle of consistency.

Choose to do the hard stuff

Those who often shy away from doing hard stuff usually find it very easy to live lackadaisically. They do things based on how they feel per time. Doing mentally stimulating tasks will help train your brain to think at a higher level. If you keep choosing to do easy stuff, you may not find yourself challenged enough to exert some form of extra energy.

Read and learn from people

One of the best ways to learn is to watch and imitate people who are already operating at a frequency you admire. Reading books about great achievers, following them on social media and seeing how they live will teach you how to develop a consistent lifestyle and be disciplined.

Developing a lifestyle of consistency will pay off in the long run. You can start by choosing to be consistent in just one aspect of your life; with time, it’ll begin to spread to other aspects of your life.


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I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce. A Software Project Manager, Inspirational Writer/ Blogger and a Transformational Coach. I run an online Reading Course, the ‘’30 Days Reading Challenge Online Course ’’ where I help people develop a consistent reading habit. I also I run an Entrepreneurial endeavor, Yourbookshopper(an online Book resource company) . I believe that the best way to live is to “Love God and Serve Humanity”. My social media profiles Blog: My IG: joyceolawumi_blog My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi My Online Bookstore:

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