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With Breaking Hearts, Nigerians on the Internet Mourn the Passing of Adewura Belo ?



You’ve probably heard about Adewura Latifat Belo. She went missing on her way home from work, and her last known whereabouts was so close to her home that it was a wonder how she went missing.

The entire internet put hands together in searching for her, with celebrities sharing her photos and details on their social media, and BCs travelling on WhatsApp, even.

It’s unfortunate that Adewura’s been found dead.

The details shared on social media reveal that she died after a motorcycle she was riding on passed a flooded route.

A Twitter user who had heard about the flooding accident shared the story on his timeline, advising that Wura’s family visit the police station where the bike rider, who was advised against riding through the route, was remanded.

Adewura’s cousin later shared the sad news on his Twitter, revealing that her body was found in the canal.

Something has to be done about the erring bike riders across Lagos. Sure, they make transportation easier and faster, considering Lagos and its traffic, but with their daredevil acts like weaving before larger vehicles and disobeying traffic laws and common sense, surely a compromise has to be met. It’s important that we arrive our destination early and without stress, but it is more important that we arrive alive.

It’s so sad that a budding life, a life of promise, has been lost. We can only wish that Adewura’s family finds strength in this difficult time, and that Adewura rests in peace.

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