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#LiterallyWhatsHot: Victims by Igoche J. Igoche Is Your Weekend Read

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If you’re looking for a short weekend read, this is it. Victims by Igoche J. Igoche is a conscious and timely story told in as few words as necessary, yet it carries lasting import that a million words can’t do justice to. I personally did not expect a book with 69 pages to cover such breadth and do so very conveniently and stylishly but that is exactly what happened.

The book follows the deception and greed of a select group of elite, taking readers deep into the carnage and despair that follow as consequences. The writer turns every stone bare in an attempt to tell a story that is true and real.

In exploring the intricacies and deep waters of politics and power, Victims makes several shocking revelations into how matters really work at the high end of the social ladder and how seemingly simple, spur of the moment decisions can have a far-reaching impact that lasts for several generations.

At the end of the day, trust and loyalty play very huge roles in the grand scheme of things; the misplaced trust of people in a dishonest role model, their never-ending belief in their faith and the ephemeral nature of the world around them and the loyalty that binds a community both in grief and in triumph.  Readers feel the helplessness of playing into the hands of a system that was designed to nurture and protect but has now become the predator. We witness misplaced priorities among the higher ups and we realize that perhaps some things were never considered important, to begin with.

Indeed, it is not easy to write a masterpiece that poignantly addresses social ills and demands justice for people who are incapable of self-defense. Igoche J. Igoche has done commendably well.

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