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Olawunmi Adegoke: Don’t Give Up…Keep Pushing

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Recently, I had a serious conversation with a friend of mine. We both were analysing the individual struggles we had faced in life. And, all of a sudden, it dawned on me that life had served us so many lemons. I was quick to admit that working and living in a country like Nigeria presents to you reasons to think very critically about life. I remember saying to myself that the traffic system in a place like Lagos is designed to help people think about their past, present and future on the go.

Most times, after these traffic-thought sessions, one ends up saying ”E go better” as a way to be consoled. Thinking about how life can be better is a good exercise (everyone ought to do so once in a while). But for some, they think that the challenges they are currently experiencing will last forever.

Life is unfair, but should we allow its unfair systems rub us off of the life we have always dreamt of? I don’t think so.

What happens to most people is that they feel that life’s challenges are peculiar to them alone. See, life is happening to others just the same way it is happening to you. Everyone goes through tough times; people have things they are currently struggling with, things they are reaching beyond to live a better life.

But here is a piece of good advice.

In the midst of the challenges you are experiencing, do not feel that you are the only one who is having a tough time. Many others have scars underneath the fine smiling face you see. As you go through life, always remember that those challenges you are experiencing now will not end your life. Choose to rise above them, with faith in your heart.

These things can help you to rise above life challenges:

  1. Never give up
  2. Keep pushing beyond the limitations you see
  3. Stay hopeful  through the challenges
  4. Always live a thankful life
  5. Don’t always take life so seriously
  6. Laugh heartily, and live happily

I am Adegoke Olawunmi Joyce. A Software Project Manager, Inspirational Writer/ Blogger and a Transformational Coach. I run an online Reading Course, the ‘’30 Days Reading Challenge Online Course ’’ where I help people develop a consistent reading habit. I also I run an Entrepreneurial endeavor, Yourbookshopper(an online Book resource company) . I believe that the best way to live is to “Love God and Serve Humanity”. My social media profiles Blog: My IG: joyceolawumi_blog My Facebook: Adegoke Wumi My Online Bookstore:


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