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Aspiring Nollywood Star Opens Up on Being Asked for Sex in Exchange for Roles | WATCH



Upcoming Nollywood actress, Nene Nwayo bares her heart out in this BBC News Africa interview, as she talks about having to deal with advances from Nollywood executives who wants to have sex in exchange for roles.

Nene says in her short career so far, she says she’s been asked for sex 10-15 times in exchange for roles, requests she’s rejected outrightly.

She also has been told to lighten her skin, something she’s also refused to do.

BBC Africa followed Nene as she continued to look for her big break.


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  1. Fifi

    September 4, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    Look, u will break through. I can just tell. Don’t do anything dodgy. Stay true and u will get to your canan! (Land of milk and honey and fulfilment of purpose most especially )!


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