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This Documentary of Africans sharing their Experience with Irregular Migration Will Make You Think Twice



After an extensive study exploring the perspectives and experiences of 1,970 individuals who migrated through irregular routes from Africa to Europe, The United Nations Development Program has put together an enlightening documentary, that airs the voices of Irregular migrants to Europe, originating from 39 African countries.

For many who choose the path of irregular migration, the inheritance of a brighter future at home in Africa seems out of reach. Disinherited from Africa’s promise and seeing no viable path toward the higher aspirations they hold for themselves, a growing number of educated, driven young Africans are opting to migrate irregularly to Europe in search of greater opportunity.

This video aims to highlight the phenomenon of irregular African migration to Europe by showing the experiences of individuals choosing to leave, as well as the responses of host communities in Europe and the of the families and communities they leave behind in Africa.

Watch the video below:

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