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You Can Still Enjoy the Christmas Holiday if You’re Away From Friends & Family



Christmas is finally here and the New Year is fast approaching. What does this mean? It means we are free from work or school – at least for the meantime. For those who will still be going to work, eyah, accept our sympathy o, haha.

Anyway, while some people are planning to storm the city/villa, visit their family and friends and attend all owambes this season, there are others who just want to curl up in their beds and sleep. But hold up, you don’t have to be the latter because whether you want it or not, this season is the best time to gbe body and chop life. 

If you are an introvert and you don’t want to go through the stress of transportation or noise and family wahala, you can still have the holiday of your dreams. Even if you are an extrovert and the Uber/Bolt prices are already threatening to push you indoors, don’t fret. This Christmas can be the bomb, anyway. Here are a few ways you can enjoy this season:


Since time memorial, watching movies has always been an amazing way to destress and have fun. If you are a 9-5er, you’ll understand how difficult squeezing out time to watch movies can get. Now that you have enough time in the world, you can catch up with all the latest movies!


For those who want to feel the full impact of the movie, going to the cinema is an amazing way to enjoy the holiday. For that special Christmas effect, go watch the movies in 4D.

Order food and gifts

Christmas should never be boring. Invite your friends and neigbours to your home, order some food, cakes, small chops, and wine and eat away. To make it more fun, play some video or board games or some music and dance.

Romantic candlelight dinner

Is there a better time to tell the love of your life how much they mean to you? This Christmas, make your lover’s heart beat red by treating him/her to the most romantic candlelight dinner. Here’s how to do that at home:

  • Cook or order for the food of your choice
  • Get roses and sprinkle them on the table/floor
  • Balloons are also sexy
  • Get scented candles and light them up on the table (not too much, so you wouldn’t sweat)
  • Let Ed-Sheeran or Johnny Drille be playing at the background
  • Dress up (yes, it’s an event). In fact, if you can, wear your best dinner gown/suit and heels.

A romantic dinner is a perfect time to pour out your heart and let him/her know how much you love them. You can also pop the big question and get a yes! Christmas + Proposal = the perfect holiday!


Some people wouldn’t want to go through the stress of traveling or moving between states this season, but checking into a hotel is also an amazing way to unwind and enjoy the holiday. You can have a spa and makeover session, go swimming, or you can just lie in bed all day eating yummy meals.

Turn up, turn up

We know you don’t want to stress yourself and you don’t want the VIP lounge to fall on you of a concert – no shade. But there are very cool, classy places you can turn up this season. In fact, you can just go to one cool joint and fill your belly with Isi-ewu and palm-wine or go to a bar and have a healthy quantity of alcohol. Or if you still want to go all out, you can check out all the events happening this December, there’s still time for flexing.


Christmas sleep hits differently, no jokes. While everyone is turning up, vibing to music and all, you can just set your pillow straight and sleep. Life na jeje. You have stressed yourself through the year, you can just sleep through the holiday. Better still, have a book by your bedside.

What other ideas do you have? Share it and let’s have fun together.

Merry Christmas people!

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