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Princess Oroma: Get Your Skin Poppin’ & Glowin’ in 2020

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As we commence a new year, it’s time to pick yourself up and begin to build the best version of you. One way I like to heal myself from the inside out is through food. Remember, you are what you eat and the recipes below are guaranteed to get you popping and glowing through the year.

Avocado Spaghetti served with Salmon

There is a reason why avocado is very popular for face masks as well as for diets. Not only is this superfood a great source of healthy fats, but the fats also help in absorbing many of the fat-soluble vitamins that hydrates the skin and protects your skin from sun damages, thereby lowering the risk of premature aging. While you are in the gym getting your inches snatched, this dairy, gluten-free avocado pasta is a great substitute for alfredo pasta and a beneficial addition to your diet. Salmon contains DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) which promotes healthy skin, and helps to tone and firm up your face with the help of B vitamins.

Vegetable Soup with Smoked Turkey

What makes this soup an excellent meal choice is that it contains 3 power green vegetables: Kale, Collard Greens & Spinach; you can never go wrong with this soup. Some of the benefits in this soup are cancer-fighting cells, DNA repair benefit from spinach and anti-aging vitamins from Kale; the benefits are just endless. Not only is this recipe a great detox meal, but every ingredient – from the tomatoes, carrots, turkey and so on also has a purpose making this meal a win-win.

Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

What is life without dessert? This dessert is just what the doctor ordered and is sure to give you the glow needed to flex this Christmas. The main ingredients in the mousse, such as the chocolate and eggs, all have amazing benefits; they help reduce roughness and dryness of the skin, reduce acne, promote hair growth and provide sun protection. Also, they are great for entertaining your guests this Christmas, It literally takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and requires minimal effort.

With a combination of self-love, exercise, water, prayer, and a sprinkle of minding your business, you will definitely glow and be ready to take on 2020 strong.

Just a little reminder, the beauty is so much in the work as it is in the result.

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I am the content creator for The Food Disciple. The recipes you will find on my blog are inspired by my background and kitchen adventures. I capture and document some of my recreated and original recipes. What I love about food is its versatility and how it brings different people together regardless of your background.


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