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It Is NOT True That Those Herbs Can Cure Coronavirus



It Is NOT True That Those Herbs Will Cure You of Coronavirus | BellaNaijaIt is understandable that people are afraid due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. It makes sense that they’re looking for ways to make sense of things, survive through it. What should not be acceptable is how people are allowing their fear to manifest.

You must have gotten the broadcast on WhatsApp or seen the posts on social media: how a mixture of the peel of one fruit, with the skin of one dried vegetable, and the seed of a tuber, all of them boiled together, will cure and prevent coronavirus. (Medicine and vaccine! Is it jazz?)

Of course, it’s all false.

This is a completely new virus, possibly hybridised, and so even if these things worked for the virus that caused the common cold, it won’t work for this one.

Please, guys, don’t drink or permeate your pores with something that can cause adverse effects. Remember how people bathed with salt during the ebola crisis and that led to them to fall seriously ill for nothing? Don’t let such repeat itself.

Remember to educate your parents too. They’re most vulnerable to these broadcasts. Let them know the best thing they can do against COVID-19 is stay inside their homes.

Let’s stop the misinformation. Let’s protect our loved ones.

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