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Take Action with Cuppy to Improve Vaccine Equity & Get a Chance to Win an Artist Box

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We are in a race against time to ensure everyone has access to vaccines across Africa as soon as possible so we can stop COVID-19 in its tracks and end the pandemic once and for all. Africa accounts for less than 2% of all COVID-19 vaccines administered worldwide and lags behind the rest of the world on vaccine rollout.

And with more than 166,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and upwards of 2,000 deaths, Nigeria is the second-worst-hit African country by the COVID-19 pandemic — behind only South Africa. Already frail public health systems have buckled further under the weight of the pandemic, with the most recent impact being a doctors’ strike.

Nigeria’s 200 million people have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with high unemployment rates, inflation, and ongoing insecurity in various parts of the country.

Right now, less than 1% of Nigeria’s population has been vaccinated with the first dose of a vaccine, leaving millions of people unprotected and at risk.

Evidently, the country must work toward ending the pandemic by vaccinating as much of its population as soon as possible — the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends 60% to 70% COVID-19 vaccine coverage worldwide to control and eventually end the pandemic. But we can change that by joining forces and working together to take action. That’s why Cuppy is working with Global Citizen in the fight against COVID-19.

Click here to join the fight and stand a chance to win an Artist Box from Cuppy.

Information is power. Find out why vaccines are so important for herd immunity in Nigeria here. By learning more, you enter for a chance to win a premium reward, a platoon artist box.

If the vaccine isn’t everywhere, the pandemic isn’t going anywhere. Stay informed. Together, we can win this. Do you have questions about the vaccine or know someone who does? Head out to for answers.

Together we can bring change by seeking out and sharing information that builds confidence around the vaccine.

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