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You’ve Got the Light, Let’s Make it Shine… BellaNaija Presents BN Creatives’ Corner

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The creative expressions of African people are a complex blend of many media, each of which offers a unique perspective and which together communicate everything from the mundane to the sublime.

– Africana Collections.

Africa is home to so many creatives. From writing to handicrafts, music, dance, film, oral and written literature, painting, sculptures, we are in awe of the amazing work being churned out by African creatives.

Through the years, we have seen how African music and movies have been part of our greatest exports, and have gained global recognition. It’s time to ensure that all forms of African art are appreciated and our creatives are duly acknowledged and given the platform to thrive.

In the midst of the many challenges African creatives face – from little or no funding and sponsorship to the few opportunities many African countries present to creatives, and creative industries that have done so little in recognising and promoting young creatives – many African creatives are still creating, pushing through, finding their path and carving a niche for themselves. We recognise the struggles of an average African creative and acknowledge the amazing art they are feeding our souls with. That is why we are introducing the BN Creatives’ Corner series.

From BN Music to BNMovieFeatures, interviews and spotlights, at BellaNaija, our prophets are being honoured right here and we give creatives their flowers while they are still alive. This time around, we are not just recognising and promoting African music and movies, but we are extending this to every single creative in Africa. So whether you are a sculptor, writer, painter, muralist, clay bender, editor, visual artist, photographer, or any other kind of creative, you have found a home here.

Come share your experience of what it is like being a creative in Africa. Tell us about your imaginative world, your journey into la la land, your splashes of colour, the rhythms of your mind and body, your dreams, aspirations, interests, what inspires you, and how you navigate life as a creative living in any African country. Tell us everything!

So you wanna get featured on BN Creatives’ Corner? Send a request to [email protected] with the subject “BN Creatives’ Corner.”

You’ve got the light, we can make it shine.