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“A Better Time” & Collaborating with Nicki Minaj – Davido tells it all on the “IonWannaTalk” Podcast



In this episode of the “IonWannaTalk” podcast, Afrobeats superstar and DMW head honcho, Davido discusses his album “A Better Time“, collaborations and how COVID has affected him financially.

About the past year, he says

We just went through a crazy year, COVID. A different year for this generation. I don’t think anything has come and paused the world the way COVID paused the world. We had to change our way of living.

About how COVID has affected  him financially he says,

I think anybody would be lying if they say they haven’t been affected financially. Being financially affected, for me, might be last, but like I lost money. You know, just really trying to really calm down and just find other ways to make money.

On his latest album “A Better Time”, he says,

COVID brought that album out because if  COVID didn’t come, I would have been on tour and I probably wouldn’t have had time to record.

On how his collaboration with Nicki Minaj happed he said,

Funny story, I ain’t never met her till today. When I was in LA, she was about to give birth. You kow, I have kids so I wanted to give her that special time to give birth. But we did the record like 6 months before. I’m in Abuja and then I was in the studio like a night before. So I went to the club and after the club I’m drunk bro and I’m like, yo! Nicki would kill this song bro… And then I get in the car and I’m like yo, I’m about to DM her. Then I check and I’m like oh, she follows me and she’s been following me. Then I DM’d her.

Watch the full conversation below:

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  1. Dino

    March 21, 2021 at 2:36 am

    OBO ?❤️??

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