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BN Book Review: The Full Set By Ameera Abraham | Review by Comfort Avunze Sakoma

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Over the past ten years, I have read, studied, and taught the theories from over 100 business and entrepreneurship books to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs across Africa. The hardest part of doing this is contextualising the content for the Nigerian market.

Ameera Abraham’s The Full Set unpacks a wide range of important topics that impact the competitiveness of businesses in Nigeria and offers a lighthearted depth of insight – one that gives even the most advanced business owner a rare 360-degree view of the Nigerian business landscape, and enables them assess their preparedness for the obstacles and hindrances that may make or break their chances of success.  

The book covers valuable lessons and tips for the 21st century beauty entrepreneur, it’s a full crash course on everything that beauty school doesn’t teach you about business.

Collecting her experience as a beauty professional, Ameera gives more insight to her struggles as an everyday Nigerian woman in business, ranging from motherhood, postpartum depression to daylight robbery. The Full Set aims to guide beauty enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and mompreneurs through business. She shares all her business and beauty industry insights. It is a Nigerian entrepreneurs’ handbook towards sustainability via her captivating experiences cutting across family, business and lifestyle, the successes and obstacles that come with it.

Ameera highlights the importance of self-development and training and explains why business owners need to prioritise both learning and unlearning for their employees. Her masterful storytelling and use of personal anecdotes and vignettes from the get-go makes readers feel a connection to the book. In this book, she shows and not just tells.

The reader’s takeaway is best summarized by the ancient African word, ‘Ubuntu’ or ‘humanity to others’ – the very idea that I am because of who we all are. Community, structure and vision – these are the secrets to Ameera’s business success and now each and every one of us can replicate that for ourselves.

This book is well written and easy to understand; I was pulled in from the beginning on this one. The theme of this book is engaging, in fact, it has highlighted the areas one needs to focus on while planning for starting and managing their business. One of the most important points that was discussed in this book was not just “telling the readers what to do” but “mentioning how to do it”. It speaks from the experience of the author on issues raised in the book and hence, it comes out as the most practical need for readers.

I love how Ameera wrote this book, it feels like you are not reading a book but having a one-on-one session with her. I appreciate how effectively Ameera has managed to give an inspiring message through this book.

The Full Set is a tell-it-as-it-is, no-holds-barred memoir on the intricacies of running a beauty business. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to be an entrepreneur or set up a business in the beauty space; it will help you each step of the way.


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