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#BN2021Epilogues: 2021 is The Year Adetola Found Her Voice



I started the year with great optimism because the previous year was that year we all wanted to forget quickly. So I was intentional about collecting beautiful memories in 2021 and, yes, I did.

I was never a fearful person, in fact, my step dad named me Deborah because he saw me as a bold girl; the one who told him the things nobody dared to. But along the way, I lost my voice. At some point, adulthood had conditioned me to pick the battles to fight, bad government systems had made me think that my lone voice would make no difference, so I resigned to “It is well”.

But after praying and declaring Philippians 4:13 and Proverbs 31:25 so much and singing “No longer slave to fear” till my voice was hoarse, God gave me many ways to prove that which I had declared and sang about. 

Imagine facing your fears and living the truth, picture the peace that comes with saying “no” in the most polite and sweetest way. I still smile and hype myself for the many times I found myself calling out liars, searching for truth amidst lies and standing for the truth irrespective of who, what or when. Imagine being a compere/host at a wedding ceremony, and killing it. Oh! What ecstasy when you find your voice. 

It was in 2021 I took some major financial investment with crypto and her cousins. Guess what, I lost some good money but I have learned not to invest what I cannot bear to lose. The loss made me more resolved to succeed. 

 2021 connected me to new friends, especially online friendships. In many ways I have built a stronger bond with beautiful women all over the world. I also cherished my long-time friendship more.

Who would have thought that the passing away of a complete stranger can make one so sad and drained? I was so sore from the death of strangers and that made me resolve to live each day to the fullest, most importantly to spread the love of Jesus Christ every chance that I get.

I truly appreciated and understood what the wise man spoke about in Ecclesiastes 3, I experienced the various phases of life, and completely agree that there is indeed a time for everything. 

I am thankful for every season – the time I planted and harvested, the times that I learned the beauty in quietness and the freedom in speaking up. There were times of love and disappointment, friendship and heartbreaks, tears and laughter, life and loss. 

2021 revealed a new beautiful dimension of me to me and to the world. I finally launched my books and joined the prestigious club of authors. A year that reminded me of grace, God’s grace and more of His grace. 

I’m grateful to God for my family, and I’m strutting into 2022 with God on my side! I’m screaming out loud, yes! I found my voice and it is sonorous and sweet.


  1. Tola

    December 22, 2021 at 1:57 pm

    Beautiful write up

  2. TOBA

    December 30, 2021 at 4:03 pm

    This changed me! Thank you

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