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Your Better Self with Akanna: The Danger of Constantly Complaining



Do you think other people listen to every word you say? If you’re like me, you can remember times when you’ve blanked out while someone was talking to you, especially a loquacious someone. In the same way, I bet you many other people have blanked out on your account.

Worse is when your speech is riddled with complaints and grumbles. Nobody wants to hear that constantly. If that’s a habit of yours, you’d have noticed, by now, more than a few people who have begun to avoid you or go into an early trans the moment you start talking to them.

It’s really not their fault; they’re only trying to protect themselves. You see, negativity has its way of polluting the atmosphere. People who find themselves in a negative environment usually lack the motivation to do anything worthwhile. They feel drained, demotivated and repulsed by the person polluting the air. 

So you can’t blame them for tuning off whenever they sense some foulness being released into the surrounding air. That’s their own way of putting on a mask to prevent themselves from contracting the negativity virus.

However, there is someone who always listens to everything you say, every time of the day. That person is you. People often forget, but the words your own ears hear your own mouth speak go a long way in affecting the way your whole body behaves.

If you speak positive up-building words consistently, then your ears will consistently hear these words and send those positive vibrations to your brain, which will then guide your whole body to feel and act from that standpoint.

On the other hand, If you always whine, complain and grumble — even if it’s someone else you mean to put down with your words — your brain still informs your body from that standpoint of negativity. You’d find that you too would gradually begin to feel demotivated, unhappy and grumpy.

At this point, not only would other people begin to avoid you and tune off when you talk, you too would begin to hate yourself because you are stuck with you — a repulsive person. Those who hate themselves can’t love others. They’ll always act out of that hate toward others.

It’s a very dangerous place to be — fighting with oneself. Internal conflicts such as this is the reason for the preponderance of external conflicts in our world today.

Instead of complaining, consciously think about what you are grateful for, and dwell on those thoughts. That’ll eventually make you more cheerful and motivated to do more good for yourself and others. It’ll make you a more attractive person, rather than a repulsive one.

I know you’ve always thought that complaining, if anything, is unattractive to others — others who get to hear you whine and bellyache, but remember that you get to hear it too. Every word of it. It sinks in and messes up with you on the inside. That’s dangerous.

Remember, a man who’s not at peace with himself is always at war with others. So stop complaining today and be grateful instead.

Akanna is an avid reader, writer, Risk Analyst and a budding Social Entrepreneur. He’s passionate about personal development, and influencing others to succeed!

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