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Introducing… “Doing Life With”: Capturing Stories of Everyday People

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Social media has made the world a global village, a close-knit community where we all get to be in each other’s businesses and everyone sees a version of themselves in a tweet or video or text. Every time we pick up our phones to check what’s happening on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any social app, we are driven by an inherent curiosity to know what people are up to, how they think and relate with others, their unconventional thought processes and how they are navigating this world. For many, it is through these that we often seek reflections of ourselves, seeking glimpses of our own experiences and identities in the way of living of others.

If you are curious about how people like you are navigating this world, and need to satisfy this desire and curiosity for connection, we’ve got great news for you: we are thrilled to introduce the “Doing Life With” Series!

“Doing Life With” will be a weekly interview series that delves into the everyday lives of people, exploring their diverse journeys and shedding light on the different ways they navigate the world. The series will showcase how people live, what they do, what makes them happy or sad, their unconventional thought processes, and everything in between. From the travel entrepreneur, to the danfo driver, to artists, artisans, 9-5ers, business owners, and many more, we’ll be doing life with a wide range of people who will give us a glimpse into their world. We believe that by immersing ourselves in other people’s stories and daily lives, we embark on a shared adventure to discover commonalities and invaluable insights that resonate deeply within us. We hope you get to know people on a deeper level, get inspired by their stories and see yourself well-represented at BN.

“Doing Life With” will be published every Saturday at 12noon and will be a short and fun read, so be a part of this!

If you have a unique story to tell and want to be a part of “Doing Life With” (or be a BellaNaija contributor), please email [email protected]. You can also be anonymous if you are unsure about having your name or face out there.

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