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Biodun Da-Silva: The Best Way to Understand & Utilise Your Potential

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When I wanted to enrol for admission into secondary school, I had to do an entrance examination but was reluctant because I was not good with arithmetics. However, there were also tests on English language competence, composition and economics, and I was fairly good at those.

On the day of the exam, I focused intensely on the subjects I knew I could pass easily, except for mathematics. In the end, I did not just pass those three tests, but I was also admitted into the class I signed up for. From then on, I have been using that strategy in my life. I work within the area of my strength and assign my weaknesses to those who excel in those areas. This method has made my life easy and I sleep well at night knowing whatever I’m trying to accomplish is in safe hands.

Every one of us was conceived and came into existence the same way, however, we were born into different family, financial, and societal backgrounds. Albeit those, every child comes into the world with at least one gift that could potentially make him/her a success or failure.

Nature blesses us with rain, sunshine and other natural elements that ensure the survival of human beings and their innate potential, regardless of one’s family, financial or societal background. My point is that nature has blessed us with a gift and provided us with the means to see them come to manifestation.

So the question is: why do some people, despite having a gift/talent, still become a liability to themselves and those around them? The answer is relative but from my experience, I’d say they either lack comprehension of the value of their gift, fail to understand the full extent they can go in life by capitalising on their gift and talents, or understand it but are unwilling to press forward.  

Knowing who you are is the first step to understanding your full potential. If you don’t know who you are, you cannot know what you are exceptionally good at. That’s why self-evaluation is important. Once in a while, have a conversation with yourself, ask yourself what you want out of life, and the skills and talents you have that can take you there.  

I’m good at writing but not at public speaking. And because I’m aware of this, I know this and I’ve never tried to become a public speaker. I understand that I could take courses to become a public speaker but can I compete against a person whose gift it is to speak publicly? I probably could but it’ll take a lifetime and consistency I am not willing to commit to. Life has taught me not not try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Your potential is what you can become if you put your unique capabilities to good use, and consistently too. It doesn’t have to be in a white-collar job; it could be singing, dancing or cooking. Just remember that there are no limitations to what you can accomplish if you take the bold step to start the journey. You lose your potential to time and devaluation when you don’t put it to good use.

Life is a journey of continuous blessings, sorrow, tears and joy. So it is extremely important to focus on what truly brings happiness to your heart and eases your path toward greatness. Don’t sit on your potential, instead begin to put it to good use.




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Biodun Da-Silva is a Writer, Columnist, An Entrepreneur and a Humanitarian. She is passionate in the area of helping other women find/use their voices and their purpose for the greater good of mankind. Her writings has been featured in numerous print and digital publications and her articles can be read at


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