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These 10 Movies Are Sure to Keep You Entertained This Christmas

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Can you smell that? It’s Christmas in the air!

Whether Christmas decors are up in your home or street already or not, there’s no denying that we can feel the holidays coming – and we must plan on optimising it as best as we can. Last week, we recommended a list of fun activities you can engage in throughout December without emptying your bank account. See? Sapa has got nothing on us!

This time around, we’re back with 10 movie recommendations, plus jara, to make your holiday perfect. This list is far from being exhaustive so we need you to keep the ball rolling in the comment sections. Deal?

A Storm for Christmas

This limited series got me gasping at some points and then feeling warm at others, because what is this beauty of a movie? A delayed flight due to weather forces random people to meet at an airport – the weird-behaving man, the promiscuous lady, the inter-racial couple who are always arguing, the kind worker, the girl who was in search of a father, the broke pianist living on past glory, the celebrity who was jealous of her PA. This movie is a must-watch if you want to see how similar and intertwined people’s lives can be, and how deep within, we’re all struggling with one thing or another. But hey, in the spirit of Christmas, everyone gets a new beginning and finds comfort.

A Naija Christmas

A Naija Christmas may be a 2021 movie but all the single ladies and men can still relate, huh? If you’re going home to celebrate Christmas with your parents, then start getting ready for the “When are you getting married and giving me grandchildren” questions. Not sure how you’ll respond? Then it’s time to watch A Naija Christmas.

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm

Thinking of a movie night for you and your kids? Grab your popcorn and juice and watch Christmas on Mistletoe Farm. After a widowed father of 5 kids inherits a farm at Christmastime, he decides it’d be the perfect place for his family to have a retreat, but what happens when city people decide to live in the countryside? Chaos, chaos and more chaos, haha. Thank God it’s Christmas though, the family get to fall in love with the unfamiliar.

A Zulu Christmas

Released in 2020, this movie is perfectly tailored to children for this holiday season. A spoiled urban-dwelling boy is sent to spend the holidays with his grandmother in rural KwaZulu-Natal but life there is a contrast to where he’s coming from. How will he navigate his new environment, the question of if Santa is real, the implications of moving to his grandmother’s place, and the stories about his heritage and family traditions told by his grandmother? Go find out!

The Claus Family

What do you think your children’s reaction would be when they discover their grandfather is Santa Claus – gasp! And then when they grow, they’d have to become Santa Claus too – multiple gasps! Jules Claus didn’t exactly code that his name ‘Claus’ really meant something until… now now, go watch this movie with your kids this holiday.

Home Alone

A forever classic. It’s an evergreen Christmas comedy about a young boy who accidentally gets left behind when his family goes on vacation for Christmas. Haven’t watched it yet? Here’s your chance to do so.

Christmas With You

Hey, we know December is coming to an end fast and single pringles have less than 20 days to find love. But don’t you worry; love finds us at unexpected places and times too. In the meantime, enjoy this rom-com about a lady who finds true love unexpectedly.

Christmas in Miami

What happens when you go on a fun-business or is it business-fun trip in December? A group of families from different countries decide to meet on an island in Miami for a purpose. And then… a few glitches here and there as you know but it did not stop them from winning something. Looking for something casual, then you should watch this.

The Holidays

The say oldies are goldies, right? Let’s get nostalgic with The Holidays this season. Two girls from different countries swap homes for the holidays to get away from their relationship issues. However, their lives change unexpectedly when they meet and fall in love with two local guys.

The Holiday Movies That Made Us

If you love documentaries, then add this to your wishlist. Unwrap the real stories behind iconic Christmas blockbusters, thanks to insider interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks.


Yea yea, I said ten but listen, Classified, showing on Netflix is a must-watch. It’s not a holiday or Christmas-themed series, but it wouldn’t hurt to grab some popcorn this holiday and watch this South African limited series about crime and courage. Trust me when I say you need to watch this.

Would you head to the cinemas?

I think you should. Seriously. From ‘Ada Omo Daddy’ to ‘A Tribe Called Judah’, ‘Afamefuna’, ‘Malaika’, and so on, Nollywood has an exciting line-up of movies to be released this December and we can’t wait!

Surely we missed a few movies. Go ahead and recommend some you believe is a must-watch.



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