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My friend TC is the first guest blogger!
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Now a lot of you are familiar with Glamour magazine’s Do’s and Dont’s; ETV’s & US weekly Fashion Police, Life & Style’s Oops, What not to wear and most recently ThisDay Style’s Hits & Misses and the infamous ‘you should have stayed at home.‘ Ive always wanted to do someting like this but needed the outlet so thanks Bella Naija!!!

DISCLAIMER: Sticking to the fashion theme, this is my look at major fashion faux pas that I see so many Nigerian girls making. It’s all very tongue-in-cheek so if you are guilty of any of the ‘crimes’ mentioned below, don’t take it personal…

The Just Say NO List

Excessive or Wrong Makeup
Makeup is not a mask! It is supposed to enhance your natural beauty…I see so many girls with way too much very obvious makeup…Another issue is using the wrong foundation or powder colour…that will just make you look like a masquerade…lol Finally – your eyebrows!!! It’s not the cutest thing to shave all of yours and then pencil it in all willy nilly..getting all creative with the colors and all please take it a little easy.
Visit a MAC counter to get the right colour and a free makeup lesson…

Very Revealing Clothing
Overly revealing clothing is not sexy! Sorry to disappoint u…I have loads of guy friends (very fine ones lol) and I asked them this question – when a girl reveals nearly everything…is it sexy? The unanimous response was if it’s overdone, it makes the girl looks very tacky and cheap. Nuff said. One misdirected wind or any excessive dancing/movement can cause this fyne babe a ‘Janet‘ i.e Janet Jackson’s infamous SuperBowl wardrobe malfunction.
Aim for the grown and sexy look rather than the Akin Adesola & Sanusi Fafunwa at midnight look…lol…

Designer Logo Riot
So you love Dior or Louis Vuitton…Oh you have the hot new LV Monogram Perforation Speedy bag and then you decide to get the belt as well and you see the shoes and they were so cute! So you buy them and wear them all together… Right? Wrong!You do not have to pile all your designer items on at once. Infact, it cheapens the whole look. Limit it to one obvious (e.g. monogrammed items or items with large logos) designer item per outfit. You are not a walking billboard you know…

I know some people are not going to like this one but its true. Please we are in 2006, you don’t have to match your shoes with your bag.I see so many people who wear for example, a black dress with green shoes, a green belt, green bag and green headband…No!

Repeating The Exact Same Outfit
We aren’t all J-Lo so often times, you are not going to wear your clothes once then throw it away. The problem repeating the exact same outfit! Just say no! Let me explain…So you wear your crispy white shirt with a pink and silver waist belt, then your dark wash skinny jeans with some slinky silver heels and a multi-coloured metallic clutch. You look fab! You see guys drooling, girls admiring your look, you get loads of compliments! You feel great! Then you repeat the exact same outfit in 3 months…NO! lol
Why not break-up the pieces, combine them with other items in your closet to create fresh new outfits…

Trends By Force
So skinny jeans are in. Waist belts are on the Vogue hot list. You must wear them by force…lol…Nooooo! You don’t have to follow all the latest trends…it’s not for everyone…Skinny jeans might fit Nkechi but not suit Ify…dress to suit your body…another thing, don’t pile on too many trends at once – a puffsleeved top with a high-waisted skirt and leggings…no no no!

Another thing is wearing the wrong size of clothing, so you are size 10 at your fav store Jane Norman, you’ve worn size 10 for years so you go to Mango and try on the size 10 top you luv, it takes you 10 minutes to zip it up, infact you nearly ruin the zipper…eventually u wear it, you cant breathe! I think that should tell you something! Ummm…try a bigger size! Often as women, we are scared to try the bigger size, it means we have grown fat…right? Wrong… You wouldn’t want to look like you borrowed your junior sister’s clothes…just go with clothes that fit you, don’t be obsessed with sizes.

Please don’t be caught with a poorly-done weave or cheap-looking wig. Full stop lol
lol…Its true tho…I see soo many girls making these mistakes over and over again…
…on the real, make sure you have good friends who will not be afraid to tell you when you are not looking like your fab self… If that isnt possible, why not get a stylist? Consult Bobby or head Downtown and get your ‘do’ hooked up!

The Naija Freeze
OK, i know its not snowing in Lagos, maybe in Jos but are knee-high boots, leather pants, leather jackets etc really a neccesity?? I once wore these wicked pair of suede knee high boots to a party in JS 3 and i felt really cool with myself but not in 2006 abeg, i always wonder if the babes have socks on or if their feet are just a-sweatin and a-sufferin’ in them boots!

And on a final note, this dude on the right is guilty of something – i just don’t know what it is yet! He’s a fashion judge tho’ so maybe an exception to the rule.

I would have loved to do some FASHION YES’s but there’s not enough time! Maybe next time 🙂 Please let me know what you think about today’s post – By no means am i a fashion stylist or critic (well not a professional one) but these are my opinions and as for the pictures – if anyone is offended by the pictures – i apologise in advance. I did not take them, i merely found them online and posted them on here..If by chance you appeared on today’s post as well: Don’t take the pictures personally – just dont be a repeat offender and all will be well! Peace and love guys…TC signing out!

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