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Buhari promises Borno State that He Will Fight Terrorism if Elected



Buhari 2015 BN 7

On Monday February 16th, BN brought you the news that the Borno State government had declared a public holiday because of Muhammadu Buhari’s visit.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that during his visit, he promised to take drastic action to end Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria if voted into office.

Buhari made the promise when he paid a courtesy visit to the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar Ibn Garbai, in his palace in Maiduguri.

He said it was regrettable that the insurgency had crippled social and economic life, especially in the north-eastern part of the country.

“It is not going to be easy tackling the insurgency but we are determined to face it squarely.

It is sad to say that before the insurgency, people used to do businesses right from Kano to Maiduguri up to Cameroon and Chad Republic,” Buhari said.

He said that an estimated two million people had been put out of business by the insurgency.

He also stated that his government would mobilize all human and material resources toward tackling the insurgency in a short while.

“If we get the people’s mandate, practically Nigerians will begin to see a government that really cares from this year.

People who do not know much about the Boko Haram sect will tend to believe that the group has a link with religion.

But no religion has sanctioned the killings, destruction of schools, markets, kidnapping of girls in any guise,” he said.

Buhari said that his visit to the palace was to seek royal blessings, ahead of his presidential campaign in the state.

Responding, Garbai thanked Buhari for the visit and wished him success in his campaign.

He said that Borno was among states worst hit by the Boko Haram insurgency and prayed for a quick end to the problem.

Garbai said that those who started the insurgency were aliens, who took advantage of the hospitality of Borno natives by unleashing terror on the people.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in May 1976 to gather and distribute news on Nigeria and cover events of interest to Nigeria at the international level for the benefit of the Nigerian Media and the Public.


  1. Fleur

    February 17, 2015 at 7:29 am

    I am still asking – How? That is the nail biter. How una wan stop poor people children from being radicalized?

  2. Lilly

    February 17, 2015 at 8:03 am

    Why if elected??? He should start now, let’s see how far he can go, maybe then we can be convinced he’s truly the one.

  3. Ebony

    February 17, 2015 at 9:43 am

    Lol, “In a short while” 🙂
    Captain Obvious.

  4. Iamwhatiam

    February 17, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Mr.Buhari, boko haram will naturally cease, you wouldn’t do anything different from GEJ.

  5. Betterpikin

    February 17, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    That is “If” elected and If not elected what happens? are we expecting an increase rate at the Boko camp? it hurts me that during campaigns they can actaullay say ANYTHING after then we will all be on our own. So help us GOD. Nigeria we hail thee..

  6. NagosBigBoi

    February 17, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    GMB needs an army to tackle BH. You cannot ask BH to stop and they stop. They do not see reason where you can sit down and negotiate with them.
    Chad has a population of ~18 million and has the resources and men to tackle BH despite the corruption in Chad. Nigeria has a population of ~180 million and yet does not have the resources and men to tackle BH? It just shows us that the current government did not really care. They have said in private that “it is a northern problem that the north should solve”. That is so shortsighted. Look at ISIL, all of a sudden they have entered Libya. Na until wen ISIL reach here na him all our eyes go clear! It will no longer be a northern problem because ISIL will share the “joy” across the nation.

  7. ThePsychologist

    February 17, 2015 at 10:17 pm

    Why cant he ask them to stop? When he put them there….

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