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Indigo Tongues Features the Founder of the New York African Film Festival – Mahen Bonetti | Watch



Sierra Leonean Mahen Bonetti, founder of the New York African Film Festival is featured in the Women in Media Series’ put together by Iyalode Productions. The series titled ‘Indigo Tongues’ seeks to ” bring the inspiring voices of dynamic people from Africa and the diaspora onto one global platform online and on prospective media networks.

Mahen Bonetti aptly fits the bill of inspiring and dynamic. In this interview, she talks about growing up in Africa, and putting a positive spin on emerging pictures and movies from Africa.

More on Mahen:
Mahen grew up during an era of Africa that was inspirational and empowering, having witnessed in “real time” Sierra Leones transition from colonial rule to independence. Her vast knowledge of post colonial African politics stems from the fact that her parents, in particular the maternal side of her family were heavily involved in the political transition during this era. Her mother’s brother was the first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone – Sir Milton Margai and her father, Doyle Sumner acted as Education Minster and later on Finance minister in Sierra Leone’s new independent government.

Watch the video here:

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