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Tosin ‘Ayanbirin’ Olakanye the ‘Mother Drummer’ is Featured on Indigo Tongues | Watch



It’s always so exciting to see Nigerian women at the forefront of cultural propagation, and Tosin ‘Ayanbirin’ Olakanye is a refreshing example of this. The female talking drummer, who is a self proclaimed promoter of the African arts is taking strides towards honing her own unique genre of music, called ‘TraHiptional-Gbedu’. This is an infusion of Yoruba traditional drum sounds, with Afro Hip Hop.

Ayanbirin is featured by Indigo Tongues (Iyalode Productions) as part of their Women in Music series. She tells Moji Sonoiki of Indigo Tongues about her background, musical influences, her passion for the talking drum, and her role in a male-dominated industry.

Watch the interview here:

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