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Olajumoke Awosemo: For Prospect or For Money



I grew up at a time when the society was still very sane. When young girls were advised to marry for love and not for money and that once you see that a man is hardworking and has prospect, he is a keeper.

These days, the society has gone somewhat berserk! The morals of the days of old have been thrown right down the bin. It’s no wonder why some women would rather remain single than marry a man with only ‘prospect’. An average of 3 in 5 young ladies wants to marry a rich man. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not talking about a regular income earner who is barely able to have a little savings after taking care of his monthly bills. These girls desire men who have no worries at all about how their money is spent. Men who can give their credit cards to their partners to be used just as the women so desires. Men, who can afford the red soles, the LVs and the Chanel bags without batting an eyelid, I am referring to the men who an aged security man will salute with honor just for some weekend tips.

That’s what I am talking about!

But come to think of it, don’t these young girls seriously have a valid point? One could even argue that they are forward thinking, because the way the world is going now, very soon, it’s either you are labeled rich or tagged broke. There will be no middle class anymore.

Folks like me can get judgmental all we want but the world belongs to the rich. The society celebrates the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ will forever be in servitude to them. The idea of getting prosperous through hard work and burning mid night candles is slowly fading off. People regard your pocket without thinking of how the pocket became full.

There is a very chilled out hangout spot in Abuja that I usually loved to go. I often noticed business meetings and work related outings being held there. It was my husband that first called my attention to it that the reason why the security men always tell us to park down the road, away from the entrance is because our car is not the type that they like to accessorize their cool spot with. He argues that there are usually still empty spaces inside. Each time we go to this place, he passes this very comment, and I usually remained silent. I thought he was overreacting and even just hallucinating (husband dearest detests overbearing security men). Regardless of this security guards brouhaha, we couldn’t resist going to this lovely spot as they just have a very nice ambiance and a good chef.

A few months down the line, we bought a new car and my husband couldn’t wait to pay a visit to our lovely spot just to prove himself right. Alas, once we turned towards the gate, like three security men were already at our beck and call, each regarding us with immense respect and telling us there is space just by a lush car parked in front. I think I was more annoyed at myself for thinking that my husband was over thinking the situation than angry at these security men because they were merely obeying the orders that they had been given.

The issue is, how many young girls are willing to marry a man who for the state of his car, will be told to park down the road and take a short stroll in, rather than pack inside and walk a few seconds to an already reserved table? How many young ladies are willing to keep having the same conversations with their spouse about having to manage the available funds for the necessary projects and leave the unnecessary ones aside? What right thinking young lady wants to start and raise a family with just ‘prospect’?

My two cents: even though ‘prospect’ cannot feed the family or provide the comforts of life that everyone deserves, money still doesn’t buy genuine happiness.

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Olajumoke Awosemo is an HR Professional, a Personal Shopper and a Self-Developed writer. Her interest in writing focuses mainly on relationships, marriage and related issues but sometimes touches on other current issues. She is a wife, a mother and jointly manages a relationship blog with her husband at She also runs her personal shopper business at"


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