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Ewon Adenomon: Can Instagram Be Dangerous to Your Self-Esteem?

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You might read this and ask why would Instagram affect anyone’s self esteem?

But here is the truth: if we lived in a perfect world that would be a possibility; but in our not-so perfect, technology driven world and also we as non-perfect human beings that live in it, that’s not the case.
So whether you believe in or not, Instagram can be dangerous to your self-esteem depending on how you look at it and it can affect some people’s esteem either negatively or positively.

In this our so-called world of instant fame, people are being judged by the number of likes/followers on Instagram. It’s unfortunate but it is happening.

The other day I had a chat with some of my girlfriends and one of them. For the sake of this conversation let’s call her Faith, told me that she’s been so depressed well I might be exaggerating on the depression part but you get the gist.

She said she was upset lately because of her Instagram news feed,  seeing people posting amazing pictures of their lives, signing endorsement deals (that seems to be the latest now) travelling around the world. You know what I mean, basically pictures of people living their best lives.

That being said,  if you are just like Faith and you feel like you are missing out or your life isn’t as good enough.

Here are 3 tips that can help you get over that sulky feeling!

Instagram is only a section of their lives
You really don’t know the entire story.  What might look like a perfect life to you is probably not. Some people have mastered the art of Instagram and they consciously choose to post pictures that reflect only the sunny sides of their lives, so do not be deceived.

Powerful is a business tool
Besides looking at travel, marriage, fashion pages, what else do you use Instagram for? Initially I used to fall into that trap, because if we are being completely real and honest some Instagram pages – whether it is a fashion, career or business – can make you feel like you haven’t arrived. When I realized that I could actually use Instagram to my advantage everything changed.

When used correctly, you can use Instagram to connect with like minded people, find info on several  businesses that you would like to get into, connect with future mentors. I bet you never know how much information or people you can find using Instagram. Trust me, Instagram does not need to depressing if you use it the right way.

Change your perspective
Some people are just plain Instagram addicts. Simple. When they wake up in the morning the first and most likely last thing they do everyday is to grab their iPhone or Samsung phones to check their Instagram feeds. I personally think there are more fulfilling things to do at day break but if that rocks your boat then…

So if you think you are one of those #InstagramAddicts and you just can’t turn it off your mind , here is something that can help you, give yourself a few minutes to stalk. Here is the trick: instead of complaining about your life, looking down on yourself, feeling inadequate or unsuccessful, simply change your perspective, go from bitterness to inspiration.

Use those pictures that you see to inspire yourself and believe that whatever you admire about that person’s page, you too can achieve it. Then get to the business of doing it. The good news is that you can design your Instagram life into your real life if that’s what you really want but just don’t look down on yourself if you aren’t there yet!

So let’s chat below, does Instagram affect you in a good or bad way, or are you indifferent about it? Have you found a different way of dealing with social media frenzy? I would love to know what your you think by leaving your comments below.

Love always


Ewon Adenomon created, a blog that strives to help you discover your confident self and embrace your flaws. I am a firm believer, dreamer, love to inspire, motivate and connect with people.My goal is to motivate you to make a difference by writing and sharing inspiring articles that will encourage  you to think positively and strive to reach your highest potential. Ewon graduated from Emerson College (Boston, MA) with a masters degree in Journalism and is currently an AssignmentEditor at ABC40 in Springfield,Massachusetts. To read more about my work at|Instagram and Twitter:@ewontv | Facebook: ewontv

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