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Tolu Falode: The Deception of New Year Resolutions

Tolu Falode



Tolu FalodeHappy New Year! Every single year time aligns with a tangible breath of new resolutions and new beginnings and this is what we call the New Year-the air is filled with refreshed goals and awakened dreams and the soft sweet breeze of hope once more contaminates a stale environment of discouragement. But, as in so many emotions and so many lost visions, these feelings soon die with time-and return to the dungeon of sleep unable to move and speak once more; left to be awakened at the next New Year door.

That is not the purpose of dreams-that is not the route to be taken by destiny. There are steps and stages to awakening fortune filled reality-as those visions sleep in your dreams, as they dance in your words, as they speak in the quiet hall of unshared thoughts and unexplored potential, it is possible to navigate the childlike flicker of faith that is carried in that cradle of conscience into the door of destiny.

First, it is time to speak to yourself. It is time to host a conversation with your true voice-no lies, no shadows of indecision, just pure unadultered and unaltered self investigation-this leads to self confession. It is important to know the parent behind the childlike dreams. The one who is entrusted to hold the hand of these visions and protect the innocent whisper of hope-like a good parent, you have to encourage your dreams-you have to shelter them from disappointment-from thoughts of discouragement-you have to protect them with words of encouragement, comfort, and positive opinions.

This will have a tangible effect on the relationship you have with your dreams-and by extension, your approach to destiny. The more you speak with yourself, the more you become protective of your visions and the more you believe your own personal intuition.

It is so easy to become quiet in our thoughts, paralyzed in our positions because we have refused to begin an inner conversation. This is the initial step necessary to learn how to carry dreams into destiny-how to transform visions into reality. It starts at your heart’s door.

Open it up and listen to your core thoughts-allow your true opinions to speak-don’t hide from yourself-it is a dangerous form of deterrence that creates an environment of hostility where dreams cannot even blink-don’t shelter your thoughts behind the blinders of society-if you do that, your visions would not be able to see.

And this is where so many get lost in their dreams-they can feel its breath but they don’t understand the meaning. Hence they end up venturing out in get rich quick schemes, taking up positions as self proclaimed musicians, and writers and athletes when the gift is not even there to begin with.

This is very dangerous because it is a form of self abuse-you see, the more you speak with a different gift that is not even contained in you, the more you stifle the environment for your true gift to be born-the more you suffocate the air around the breath of your dreams that only you have the power to transform in the hands of destiny.

When you refuse to engage in self observation, and self investigation, you create an atmosphere that is hostile to your thoughts-you become confused because you have stifled the voice of your visions, you have wandered away from the right door. And as in any situation where you enter the wrong building, where you enter the wrong location, you end up at the wrong destination. This is what happens when people have talents that are confused into projects that host no ability to move. This is when for instance artists start to practice in a medium where their talents cannot speak or even writers start to scribble in a different form that does not carry their identity. They become confused.

And the thing is, the Earth is positioned to listen to destiny. When you create a form that houses another person’s words, a song that sounds like the melody of another’s voice, the Earth realizes that is not a gift speaking in its true form. That is why people can recognize a counterfeit as soon as it is born.

There is a distinct cry it makes that sounds nothing like the original baby footsteps of a dream that has just stepped into the doorway of reality. There is a scent of deception it carries that bears no resemblance to the pitter patter of tiny feet that house the potential of great destinies. People can tell when you are speaking in words that do not contain your true voice-sometimes they sense it even before you realize your words do not contain your own thoughts.

There is a connection that leads from dreams to destiny and in order to find it-you have to start at the beginning. The beginning is you-who are you? What are your true thoughts? What do you think about creation-in what aspect does it hold your interest? In what form? We are all here to give back to the environment-and each has a way to speak life into a desolate society-so what makes you think the Earth does not realize when it is presented with a counterfeit? What makes you think you carry a unique scent even when it is not your true identity?

Don’t fall into the new year lullaby that rock your dreams asleep. Don’t entertain the scent of another person’s dreams. It is a dangerous flicker that would burn your gift at its seams-because you see, what many don’t realize is this: when you start to speak a different language that does not even hold your true voice, when you begin to engage in a talent that is not a result of your unique thoughts, you contaminate the cradle that houses those dreams of yours. As they whisper in their sleep, you poison the air around them and make it difficult for them to breathe. And in doing this, you would have self suffocated your dreams-you will find it more difficult to bring them back into the place of peace-a place where you can see, and speak and share from your true mantle, the platform you were positioned to speak.

This is why it is important to realize your identity-this is why it is so important to begin that conversation with your cradle of originality. Feed it with self expression, entertain it with encouragement and it will eventually grow from a quiet whisper of self indulgence into an earth shattering quake that wakes dreams into a destiny driven identity-the type that leaves a mark longer that any spontaneous shouts of temporary new year resolutions that truly only carry in their purest form, the scent of a broken identity.

Tolu Falode is a Christian Teacher and Relationship Coach. She helps the heartbroken heal through discussions on love, faith and finance on also shares tips on: Instagram: fantheflame Facebook Group: The Love Triangle Youtube: Tolu Falode Audio: [email protected]

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  1. emma

    January 3, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    I’ve never been into making N/Y resolutions. January 1st is just another day to me. I just pray to God that he guides me while i’m trying to achieve the goals that I set for myself in the past. There is no need to make plans for the new year (especially unrealistic ones), Everyday is a good day for a fresh start, not just January 1st.

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