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#DhakaAttack: Troops Kill 6 Militants, Rescue At Least 13 Hostages in Bangladesh Cafe



Bangladeshi troops rescued at least 13 hostages and shot dead 6 gunmen Saturday, ending an overnight siege at a cafe in Dhaka, officials said.

Reports also say 5 bodies have been recovered.

According to CNN, a cafe worker Sumo Reza said that the gunmen attacked the cafe and took those inside hostage.

Reza said about 6-8 gunmen attacked the restaurant with about 35 people inside at the time.

The cafe is described as being popular with expatriates, diplomats and middle-class families.

According to the police, two of its officers were shot dead in the attack.

Detective Police Deputy Commissioner Sheikh Nazmul Alam said that 40 people were wounded, some by gunshots and others by shrapnel from explosive devices.

An eyewitness, Ataur Rahman, who was in his office about 200 meters from the restaurant, said he went to the street as he heard a series of gunshots. “I thought it might be an attack somewhere nearby by local thugs.” He said people were racing for cover, saying gunmen were shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Following a 10-hour stand-off, Bangladeshi troops saved at least 13 hostages and shot dead 6 gunmen.

“The operation is over,” said Brig. Gen. Mujibur Rahman, who was overseeing the troops in the rescue effort.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said: “We were able to save 13 people … and of these terrorists 6 of them died on the spot, they died right there,”

She also said one of the terrorists was captured alive.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack, according to its media branch, Amaq.

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