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BN Beauty: Get this Soft Brown Makeup Look with Fake Freckles by Jennifer Olaleye




Beauty vlogger Jennifer Olaleye is out with a new makeup tutorial for this soft, brown makeup look with false freckles to compliment the look. Feel free to omit the freckles step and switch up the lip colour for a bold, statement lip.

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  1. Fake Freckles?

    November 29, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    Erm…I did’t watch the video. Just surprised about the “fake freckles” part. I have real freckles all over my face and on my body…tiny little ones (the ones on my chest and arms). And it seems like new ones pop out every other day. They’re not very noticeable to people but I see them. I do. And I have a lot of beauty spots all over my body. And a mole on the left side of my nose. Yes, I have all these things on my face and body. I like the beauty spots and mole and have been worried lately about the freckles but this headline gave me a shock (that someone somewhere is using make up to have these tiny little things that I have in abundance) and same headline is actually giving me life! Thank you???

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