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Girl Spice: The Struggles of a Beautiful Woman



dreamstime_m_10196205Every woman is beautiful, each in their own special way.
Beauty too is very much in the eyes of the beholder, that much is true.

Someone once said what might be too tall or too short for some is just the right height for another, too fat or too skinny just the right size, too light or too dark and vice versa.

However, society considers the way some women look, or rather some features a woman may possess, as the general criteria for beautiful. Whatever it is, it’s that sort of beauty that is striking, the kind that comes with a lot of attention.

I bet it would not occur to some people that some beautiful women are conservative and would like to just slip in and out of places without being noticed. That beautiful woman that everyone notices when she walks into a room might just be a tad shy. She might just want to glide in unannounced and blend with the crowd.
Without standing out.
Without turning heads
All that attention, however might just be the least of her troubles.

For one, half the women she meets automatically assume she is a snob with no brains at all.
Half the men are making sex scenes in their head and equally think “this one cannot possibly have anything upstairs”.

She gets to have numerous mostly unwarranted attention from men which trust me, is not so much fun.
It is in fact, annoying, exasperating and draining.

You know why? Because she can easily see that most of them just want to show off with her. Show the world that they are the ones that finally got this girl. Like a trophy, an object!

Lest I forget, the other half of the men? They are love struck when they first set eyes on her in awe, and develop a crush so quickly they cannot see that she is not perfect. They turn a blind eye to the fact that she is human.
In their eyes she cannot be anything but perfect.

But, all she wants is for you to see that she is human too. She has her sad and her happy, her ups and down moments, her not so flattering days and just wants to be needed as much as you think she needs you.
The numerous attention from different men at the same time drives her nuts. They all think they have found “the one”,  but she cannot love all of them even if she wants to be nice. There can be only one man for her.

Some of the rare occasions she thinks she has found a soulmate in someone, they turn and run because they think she is too good to be true. “No she cannot be this beautiful on the inside and out.”
Or they think that they don’t deserve her.

This woman is just begging for the one that would see beyond the physical, that would see the girl inside, the one that would see beyond the beautiful.
Love her for the selfless woman she is, love the child inside of her. love her because she is smart and funny and playful and calm at the same time.

Love her because she can be loyal and trusting and true.

She is not flawless. She isn’t perfect. She is just a girl begging to be loved – the right kind of way.

Photo Credit: Daniel Korzeniewski |

Girls spice is a girl like any other single girl living and working in the nation’s Capital. She believes in love. Not just any kind of love, the type you see in fairytales. She considers herself an incurable romantic and writes anonymously on

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