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BN TV: “Dear Mini-Me, no Whitenicious” – Watch Ruby Suze’s Open Letter to her Daughter on Lightening Creams

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In this video, lifestyle vlogger and “general busy body” as she calls herself, Ruby Suze talks about skin lightening and Dencia‘s Whitenicious cream. She said;

Good morning, good evening, whatever time you may be watching. As I always say, I’m on a journey through motherhood and on this journey I will sharing my open letters/thoughts to my daughter.

In this episode…I watched a discussion between Dencia and Ava Vidal about skin lightening.

This is a very quick rant about skin lightening…just watched this on C4 and was like – OH MY GOODNESS?!! We are all grown ups and have the right to do what we like we our skin but, we must ask ourselves – why? What are my motives?

There is so much I should have said but tiredness and fighting with a toddler did not allow me.

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