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Do the Rich Also Cry? Find out in Mia Oma’s “Twisted”! It’s #LiterallyWhatsHot!



I recently heard rumors about a celebrity couple that’s having issues because they can’t decide in which one of their million dollar homes they should both live.

The main gist has something to do with work and the best location for both their careers. But, let’s forget about those deep details and concentrate on the mundane, surface gist. Isn’t that how we all judge each other?

My mouth fell open after hearing the story. What I thought, right before the E! host said it, was rich people problems!

There are thousands of memes, comments, and opinion pieces saying rich folks don’t have a right to be unhappy. Don’t they splash in gold baths and have golf courses in their toilets? How dare they complain about emotional issues? Bla, Bla, Bla.

Truthfully speaking, I think the same sometimes. But, maybe we really should cut them some slack! We all seem to forget that like the rest of us, they’re humans. Their money can buy material things and friendship and favors but that’s about where their spending power runs out. Do those billions ever really lend themselves to building genuine relationships?

Unfortunately, this is the million dollar question that plagues our protagonist, Lima, who’s the heiress to a legal fortune owned by mogul, Buba Shakur.

Joining her father’s law firm is a blast, as she’s intelligent and a go-getter. The guys think she’s a 10, even though they call her Ice-Princess behind her back. Sure, she knows they’d all love to get with her…but for what reason, is what she’s concerned about. Her father’s fame and connections OR real love?

With this in mind, she starts an affair with Nik –another lawyer in the firm, and together, they explore the Friends with Benefits trend that’s sweeping Nigerian offices away “real” love stories.

Ever tried being a friend with benefits? It’s damn easy at first (that’s what my friends said), till feelings become involved.

If you’re anything like Lima (rich, rich, rich!) and not sure if you’re with a gold-mining brother or someone whose I Love Yous are genuine, things can get real twisted up in your head.

See, emotional craze is the worst kind of craze. Few people can ever really deal.


For me, Twisted had three things that made it pop:

1. Those exquisite sex scenes… Let’s just say I was absolutely tantalized.

2. There was a really interesting story line, y’all! The whole story wasn’t a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am open and close case.

3. I was absolutely happy rich people had problems too. I know… #PoorPeopleEnvy

See, I’d like to recommend this book to certain people. If you’re on this list, you’d be able to relate to Lima’s problems, and you’d probably love this book, too:

1. Anyone whose parents have more than a 100 million pounds and the whole world knows.

2. You/your parents own plenty property and the whole world knows.

3. You’re a poor kid whose startup was featured on Forbes and now people think you’re made of chocolate.

4. You’ve kissed your boss/co-worker.

5. You’ve hugged a co-worker/ classmate.

6. You’ve laughed merrily with a co-worker/classmate.

Yup, I know. That list ticks right for everyone in the world. Go get the book already!

Twisted is that book that gets your juices flowing. Need a chill pill or something to devour on a cold day when your “weather for two” message flops with your friend with benefits significant other? Mia Oma’s Twisted will serve your purpose (whatever it is) excellently well.

A copy’s been made available specially for you. Just click here to get it from the Okadabooks app.

Happy reading!

chiamakaChiamaka Onu-Okpara is a freelance editor with an absolute love for anything weird. When she isn’t wading through punctuation errors, she binge-watches cartoons and writes speculative fiction.
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  1. Karo's Story Blog

    January 25, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    The story sounds touchy and interesting. But I can’t help but wonder about poor girls. No matter how intelligent and bold, the opppsite sex don’t seem to see them. No money to throwey na.

    Nice one Chioma. Another lovely review

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