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Nigerians, Albinos are #OneOfUs! Onome Akinlolu Majaro (OAM) Foundation x EVI Photography Creatively Creates Awareness

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Discrimination against albinos is a societal problem we pray ends in 2017.

BellaNaija bride and now mother of one Onome has been raising awareness through her Onome Akinlolu Majaro (OAM) Foundation.

Click here to see her beautiful wedding on BellaNaija Weddings, and their baby dedication on BellaNaija Living.

They partnered with EVI Photography and other creative artists to enlighten the community on the discrimination albinos face, and penned a poem dedicated to the issue –

I am an Albino

So what?

Call me whatever you like,

Oyinbo, Afin, Yellow paw-paw…

I can be whatever I want to be

YOU really can’t stop me

I can be a mother, a designer and much more

I can achieve all my dreams

You seem to forget that I could be your brother, mother, sister or any other person close you.

The next time you see me in your neighbourhood, rather than stare at me with disgust and irritation,

Treat me with love, care and respect

Cos that’s what I deserve

I deserve a normal life.



That white skin

Those bluish sometimes grey eyes

And of course the yellowish or golden hair.

You really can’t help but notice when an albino passes by.

These unique creatures

Where did they emerge from?

Are they ghosts?

Are they angels?

Are they…?

The questions are unending.

So many misconceptions…

Albinism is the absence of melanin that gives human skin, eyes and hair their colour.

Albinos are one of us.

They have dreams, passions, and goals like every one of us.

They have emotions and feelings

They can be whatever they want to be

Albinos are amongst us.

They are everywhere we go;

North, East, West and South.

Let’s look beyond their complexion.

Let’s end this discrimination against albinos.

Let’s embrace them because in the end, they are ONE OF US.”

Photography/Creative Idea & Direction: @evi_photography
Photography Assistants: @provabs @foluartstudio @folababarinde
Studio: @emmanueloyeleke
Copywriter: @mercy.onun
Models: Adanna @okagbareonome, Aduke @ugobella for @oam_foundation
Aisha @mimzbee
Accessories: @styledbyseun for @janemichaelekanem
Graphic Artist: @derickft
Makeup: @merakibyonome
Hairstylist: @ceezysstyling

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