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“Protests won’t solve the problem” – Bola Tinubu addresses #IStandWithNigeria Protesters | WATCH

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Bola Tinubu

Protesters stormed All Progressive Congress (APC) National Leader, Bola Tinubu has said that “protests won’t solve the problem”.

Tinubu made this known at his Bourdillion residence while addressing #IStandWithNigeria protesters on Monday.

When asked what will solve the problem, the former Lagos governor replied: “Problem is re-planning, being responsive, being able to get engaged with you, so that you’ll see the problem that we are facing”.

Tinubu added that protesters “have the right to protest,” adding that “this government is also a product of protest.”

He said that protesters should believe in the change they voted for, adding that the APC will “retool this government”.

“You voted on our promise, we are just two years into that promise. Compared to 16 years that they took over that they could have made the changes,” Tinubu said.

Other points:

Nigerians should be patient with APC.

We are not denying the fact that Nigerians are suffering and have the right to protest, but party and economy must be returned to shape.

We are two years into the administration. To make those changes effectively and positively eventually, we have to be patient; we have to have the hope.

I’m not worried about the exchange rate they are pursuing because your salary should be in Naira and you are not an importer or exporter, are you?

Maybe that is teaching us a lesson to be dependent on our domestic products, isn’t it? To develop other talents, areas. I understand your grievances, unemployment etc and you know, corruption is seriously being attacked.

Don’t worry, our money will come back. the damage of 16 years will go through the system. You cannot get water out of a dry land.

Nigeria is going through a phase.

16 years of mis-governance cannot be turned around overnight. Let’s be patient. Let’s have understanding. Let’s hang on to hope. There is nothing more effective that can drive you better than hope and believe in the positive turn of this situation.

Please hang on to (the change we promised). You have your right to vote against us during election if you want.


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